I have not written here in a long time. You see, I lost my Onlyiest a bit more than two years ago and of course still miss him - some days more but also some days less. So yes, time heals but he will always be my Onliest until the end of time. I have this comforting thought that there is someone already waiting for me when I am to cross over.

So why am I here today opening this thread? Because I wish to thank for this forum once again especially now in those times of Corona where the world is confronted with something noone ever thought about just a few weeks back. It makes me think about times of pest and cholera and dark days of middle age but it happens now where we all thought THIS could never happen to us modern high tech ones, the ones who have a solution for nearly everything, right?

I am living in Germany - yes this country where jokes about toilet paper are pulled all over this world- and I remember just a few days back my Australian friends asked me about this hype about toilet paper being sold out nearly everywhere. I am afraid to now offer some to them...

If there are any questions - just look at Italy or Spain - and all questions will be answered. It IS serious! And we in Germany are just lucky to be ahead of them in reacting - just two weeks ahead, not more.

And then I thought how horrible it must be to lose a beloved pet in just these horrible days already overflown with a never known fear all over this globe where by now nearly everyone is restricted to staying home and maybe you are one of the ones who has just lost the Only one you had. You maybe cant just run towards the neighbors and rush into their arms all in tears - simply because you are restricted to stay home. The forum is therefore far more valuable now than it might have been just a few weeks ago. Far more valuable than it had ever been.

I wish to let you know in those difficult times that all my good thoughts are with you, that I hug you dearly and that my thread is there for you to celebrate the good and joyful times you shared with your beloved one. And I wish to let you know that it is only time you need and should allow to yourself - to grieve, to have your feelings of guilt and doubts, to shed all the tears you wish at your own pace ... but also to embrace this life and the chance you certainly did have - no matter the length of time - to share a while with a truly beloved one with all the joy and laughter. Never forget that, not even in the worst time of grief and whatever horror might be there ahead of us.

With all my love

Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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Sorry for you loss. What a beautiful baby. Yes it is especially hard because my baby Peanut was always the calming influence in my life. I live alone and she was my soul mate. I hate not having her here with me especially now. Prayers for you during this awful time. I live in Ny state so it's been pretty rough here. May God protect us and guide us. Gwen ( and my Peanut)
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Thank you so very much for this kind post. I lost my dear Yorkie, my Buddy, on Monday.  I live in the US. Tomorrow our state will be under a full “shelter in place” order - no going anywhere except to work at essential businesses only or to get necessities (if they can be found). It is surreal and I think it has made it so much harder to grieve what is a very significant loss for me. I’m disabled and Buddy’s company meant so very much to me every day. On days when the pain was very high I’d be relegated to the recliner and he’d watch tv on my lap. He also alerted to migraine attacks, letting me know to take medication in time, or he’d round up a family member so I’d have help. I miss him on so many levels. And I’m heartbroken that the COVID19 mess has meant his ashes didn’t come back to me yet and I’m very fearful that there will be more delays. I am thankful to have my adult children at home to help me through this awful time. But sometimes I just want to get away, to have a little reprieve out of the house, to head to the beach at my old hometown- but thats both risky and not allowed. It’s hard to grieve and to find coping outlets.  I try to think of how hard it is for others too - all the brides with cancelled weddings, all the hospital patients not allowed any visitors, all the funeral services that can’t happen... I’m in the high risk group and my husband gets exposed thru his grocery store job so our kids are quite concerned. As I am for them. It adds so much stress when grief is itself so stressful.  I am grateful this forum exists and that kind people like yourself take time to post. Thanks again, and take good care! 
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Thank You for posting your message in these very difficult times. Your Max was a very handsome Boy. Although, it's been over (2) years now since your loss, Max's presence in your heart remains strong - and shall remain strong forever. The Virus can take away people's livelihoods, strain relationships with others, limit your everyday freedoms that we all have grown accustomed to but the one thing that it can't take away is our unwavering love for our pets. No matter what the outcome of this pandemic is, we are all dedicated to preserving the wonderful memories of our furry friends. Now and forever.

Warmest regards,
Jim Miller
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Silvia - "Beautiful Lady of the Forest" with Max forever secured in her heart,

Thank you for posting during these difficult times.  My job closed and will reopen on April 17th...hopefully.  And, here in California "we are to shelter-in place".  So, I had only ventured out to buy gas for my car, groceries and food for the fur babies.  I am praying for each one and all.  And, I am very sorry for everyone that has lost their fur-feather-babies.  Prayers and strength. 
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Thanks for the beautiful post.It's 10 years since I lost my beloved Maddie and I still miss her but she remains strong in my heart...love lasts forever...Judylinn
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