I've been praying for a visit from Titan since he passed Nov 2nd and he came to me early this morning! I had gone downstairs in the middle of the night and laid on the couch. I was in that twilight sleep, not quite sleeping but not awake either. I dreamed I got up and went to my home office and opened the door. I saw something moving really fast running around the trunk that is used as a coffee table in front of the couch. I couldn't make out what it was. It is really hard to explain but as I watched the "movement" started to slow down and take on a shape and I could make out that it was my Titan! I shouted "Titan"! He was not the older sick dog of his later years. He was younger and full of energy wagging his tail. I scooped him up and held him on my lap. We were so happy to see each other. I could feel it. Then I called for my sister to come and see. I asked her if she saw him too sitting on my lap. Before she could respond I woke up. I awoke with a wonderful feeling and am reassured that he is in a better place and no longer suffering. I keep a curio cabinet full of angels in the office and that may be why he chose the office to visit me. I finally called the vet last night and requested the private cremation. I will spread some of his ashes on the walking trail he loved and keep the rest in the curio with the angels....because Titan was and will forever be my four legged angel.  
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That's wonderful! It's an amazing thing to experience, I'm glad you got to enjoy it. I think that almost fully asleep state is when we are most receptive to these things. My signs from my Dober dogs have been dreams, also. I wake up feeling happy, knowing that they are telling me that they are free and at peace. Each time they were calm and passing through while looking at me, and as they walked away, I knew that they were telling me not to be sad, that they were moving on. They looked over their shoulders at me in the exact same way and then I woke up. I had a totally different experience after I lost my cat Puffy. I was awake, went to walk down the hall, changed my mind very suddenly and walked into my bedroom and flipped on the light. My other cat, Allison, was laying on the bed and Puffy was with her! For just a few seconds, I looked right at them and felt extreme happiness and love. Allison looked very surprised and happy. Then Puff was gone and the feeling also. I felt like I just lost him all over again and burst into tears. Then I realized that I had witnessed him visiting her, that maybe it wasn't meant for me and I just got lucky. Knowing that they are still together makes me feel better, though. That must be why they handle loss better than we do-because it's not actually loss, it's just a transition of energy. They are our angels now.
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That is nice he will ALWAYS be near...I know my Bella is
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