Zoe has been gone for a month now, and Jasmine for just over 3 weeks.  I feel the losses still so acutely.  At least with Zoe, we had tried our hardest for years and when we made our decision, we had some time to prepare, although it still was awful.  With Jasmine, her illness was sudden and devastating.  I really regret that I did not have more time with her.  I wish I had more time to give her happy days and good experiences, which was challenging with her blindness and deafness.  

I guess what I am trying to express is that we don't know how much time we have with our animal family members.  I still have Layla and Roxie, and I want to spend all the time possible with them, to keep them happy and healthy, and to make sure they know they are loved.  I hope that the time I was able to give Jasmine and Zoe was good enough.
Carole, Mom to Zoe, who crossed the bridge on 7/5/18, Jasmine, who crossed on 7/14/18, and Layla, on 12/1/18, all will forever be in my heart, and ongoing mom to Roxie.
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Oh Carole I'm sure that in the time you had with Jasmine and Zoe you did all you could for them. More than anything you loved them and they know that. It is a blessing that you have Layla and Roxie and are able to spoil them with all your love. We punish ourselves thinking there was more we could have done. Hindsight is always 20/20 but no matter how well we did by our babies we always wish we could go back and do more. Your girls felt the love and they were lucky to have you, like Layla and Roxie are now lucky to receive your unbridled love. 
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Know that the time you gave them was more than enough- they know that. Thinking of you❤
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