I thought I was ready to write about our sweet kitty, Tigger, but am not.  We just said our final goodbyes to him this afternoon (1/5/18) and the pain is too fresh, too new.  After 17 years... I just don't know what to say except wait for me Tigger, and seek out my son while waiting for me.  Look for Gigi-cat and Lizzie, as well as your beloved canine buddy, Cuddles.  You were such a joy and I thank God for answering our prayers about a kitty that needed a home!  We love you dear soul and I think you know that.  It's just going to be difficult...
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I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious Tigger, it is never easy to lose such a loving and cherished part of our family.
Your loss is so new and your heart so shattered, the first few days/weeks/months are extremely difficult to talk or write about our sweet loved ones. There is no rush, when you feel you are ready to share about your precious Tigger we are here to listen.
Please be gentle with yourself, baby steps is the best we can hope for during this most difficult time. Take comfort in that your precious Tigger was met and guided with such love by Gigi, Lizzie and Cuddles, together again, playing and running freely.
Sending our most positive thoughts your way, may the pure love and light of your precious Tigger always warm your heart.

I am so sorry for your loss, sincerely, Don & Vera

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I am so sorry for your loss of Tigger. I'm glad you found this forum. As Don has said, take your time and be good to yourself in these early days. I can tell from the words you have already written that Tigger was so very loved. Wishing you peace and healing during this very sad time.

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I keep waiting for Tigger to come into the "computer room" and rub against my leg after pawing at it for a minute or so.  I keep expecting to trip over him and fuss lovingly at him to "don't make mommy trip". 

To go back in time...  My husband and I decided after a week or 2 of discussion, we wanted a cat and were planning on going to the local shelter the following Monday to adopt one.  We actually prayed to find a kitten that would need us as much as we needed him/her.  As it were, over the dreary and rainy weekend sometime in April (I've forgotten the date), there was this sweet and a bit skinny, little orange tabby that went running through our yard and was heading to the nearby woods along with an older cat.  The little orange one turned around and looked at us and mewed before following its companion into the woods.  We'd never seen this twosome before and thought they were just passing through.  The next day however, my husband whispered for me to look out the back door.  There was this little orange cat that we'd seen the day before.  He looked hungry and I just *had* to give it some warm milk.  Our big Ridgeback/Lab was looking out the back door too, but she stood aside when I opened the door to set the milk outside for the little waif.  The kitty came right up to the porch and began lapping hungrily.  Much to our surprise, the kitty entered the house when we opened the door to step inside.  Kitty just walked underneath our dog's legs and went straight to the dog's food bowl and began munching some leftovers.  Kitty audibly sighed its contentment and we couldn't help but laugh.  We figured this little kitty *must* belong to someone, so we gathered it up (hadn't discovered it was a boy yet) and drove around our rural neighborhood trying to find its rightful home.  No one claimed the little kitten, so we did, as it had seemed to claim us.  A few days later we did find out it was a boy, and we named him "Tigger [of the] Woods".  We made an appointment with our vet for our new baby to have a physical and get started on some shots and worming.  He wasn't old enough yet to be neutered, so we waited for him to mature.  He was not happy with that procedure.  lol  

We gained 2 more kitties (both female and litter mates) when my son moved back home after his marriage disintegrated in 2002.  We had the girls spayed and their shots started on a regular basis.  Our Terrible Threesome really got along quite well for a number of years, and Gigi-cat was the 1st one to pass over the Rainbow Bridge for unknown reasons.  I miss that beautiful cat as she was very loving and the one that kept everyone else (Tigger, her sister, and 3 dogs -- one being a Pit Bull) in line.  We lost her sister (a silly little comedic Tortie) just 8 months ago due to kidney failure.  They all lived long lives and we were so blessed to have every one a part of ours!  We also lost a sweet feral kitty known only as "Little Momma' (named by my late son) -- but she's another story...  :`(

Tigger's passing over the Rainbow Bridge is something I've not quite come to grips with as of yet...  I am so grateful for our Vet whose compassion and mercy is beyond belief.  I am grateful for forums like this that let you pour your heart out and not be criticized or ridiculed.  I am grateful to God who trusted us with His little animals to be our companions for a long time.  Thank you for letting me share Tigger's story with you...

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I just read your story and I loved hearing about how Tigger just came right into your house and made himself at home - as if he was always meant to be there - especially when you and your husband had just decided to get another cat. Such a sweet story and such a sweet little kitty! 17 years is a long time so it's no wonder you are expecting to feel Tigger pawing at your leg and rubbing against it. I know how difficult it is and how painful that feels! I do think he has gone to join your other beautiful pets who went before him. May I say what a kind heart you have - rescuing feral kitties and deciding to look for a cat who really needed a home? You really deserved every wonderful moment you had with Tigger and your other little friends.
I am so sorry for your loss! Hugs,
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It's been a little over a week now since we said goodbye to Tigger.  Thought I was doing ok until we received a sympathy card from our vet with all the personnel signing it, then the tears flowed again.  My husband is taking it rather hard, too, so we just look at each other, hold hands and smile sadly.

We still have 2 dogs that we inherited from my mother almost 13 years ago along with another kitty that adopted us 6 years ago.  Every one of them is precious and each one has a very distinct personality, but no matter what folks say, it seems like there is always that special one...

Our last kitty left is confused and wary.  He's not been eating very well until the last day or so and he wants a little bit of attention, but I think he's afraid, too.  We'll just have to go along with his pace until he's ready to be sociable again.

As for the dogs, eh... they don't seem to notice anything really different.  They're just old and grumpy!

Thank you all for being here and for the compassion and love you have for the fur babies!  You all are a blessing!
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