Hi everyone.  Sundays are always the hardest for me as it was our special day.  I was thinking of him so much and I was feeling sad because a man walked by with his dog and said, "My dog walks me" I know exactly how he feels, my dog was so excited to go for walks he would walk me too.  Then as I started to cry and feel bad, the angelic sign appeared. It was on the sign of a truck.  "It said, "He is always here in our hearts."   This was on a TRUCK!  So there you have it.  I can't stop doing the things we did. I am compelled to keep walking in the forest like we did. I do everything the same, I even put his blanket on my bed at night. Still smells like him and I know that's why I get good dreams. I had another one last night.  He and I were at the diner having dinner and I asked the waitress if I could have some chicken strips for my dog.  She said, "No, but I can give you chicken hearts?" I knew what it meant. Just another release of guilt.  I always took him everywhere with me. We even ate out together, I always made sure he had food. He would always look up at me when I fed him too, like if to say thanks before every meal.
Anyway, I was looking for my library card and of course the Petco card fell out. We always went there on Sunday. He used to like it until he went blind, because he always found little treats on the floor.
So another day, another memory, and we keep going right?
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Hi Lisa, I think the trick is to take the memories and try and smile. I'm literally forcing myself to smile when I remember something that makes me sad. It's not easy but it's starting to work. One day at a time for us all.
Thomas Cat
In our lives 14/4/2009 - 18/05/2013
In our hearts forever
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