I lost my Sammyman three months ago today!  It's hard to believe that life goes on without my soulmate.  The part of my heart that belongs to Sam still aches for that touch and hug we shared every morning.  The look that we shared that spoke volumes.  The walks we took.  Laying on the floor nose to nose.  Our talks, where I complained and you listened and comforted me.  You gave and gave and gave.  You were the most loving individual I will ever know.  I miss you as much now as the day you left.  Eleven years were not nearly enough to give you all the love I had to give you. 

Diana has been with us one month, as well.  She is the prettiest, most loving little girl I have come to know in this lifetime.  Her love for us and our love for her will NEVER diminish our love for you.  You each have a place in our hearts.  You are our children!  This kind of love is forever and unconditional.  She is truly becoming "Mommy's Girl".  I am so happy to have her around.  Sammy saved me once (literally), and Di has saved me again (from loss and despair).  I cannot fathom life without babies.  You are true blessings bestowed upon us from God!  God loves us and shows us through our babies...unconditionally and forever!

A day will come when our hearts and souls will once again be together.  Eternity with you, Di and Aja will be Heaven. ARE the best part of me.  You taught me patience, love and more understanding than I ever imagined.  You loved me, whether I was sick, or well.  You loved me in good times and troubled times.  Your love was MY rock and I hopefully was yours.  We will have our walks, talks and hugs again...this time...endlessly!

I Love you!  Mommy Loves you!  Bobby Loves you!  Diana Loves you! 

We will miss you until we are all together again
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Your love for Sammy just pours out whenever you write.  You have a truly "spirtiual" and positive way of expressing one of the saddest experiences in life. I'm always uplifted. I've read about Di and am thrilled for you and your family. I'm so happy you found her, she is obviously quite a joy!
I to can't imagine life without babies.  Although I  want another, apparently it is just not meant to be right now.  But all good things in good time!

Peace to you & yours

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Tuffy, My Puppy Love
June 20, 2005-July 26, 2010

Becky Leigh, Queen of my Heart
December 2010-November 10, 2015
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I really believe in the spirituality of it all.  I cannot imagine it NOT existing...

Give yourself time.  You will know.  My wife and I felt the lack of the small footsteps in the house was haunting.  I have all this love to give...mostly because of Sam.  You will find your way and the right baby for you, just keep your eyes and heart open.

All the best

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I believe with all my heart we will be with them again, too.  I want to thank you also for your posts.  I agree with Regina....they are truly uplifting and make me feel good when I read them!  I'm so happy you and your wife now have Diana to share your life and love with.  Y'all are an amazing family! 
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Thank you all!  I can't help but express what I believe.  I am glad it brings good feelings to many of you.  Losing Sammy was even more traumatic, to me, than losing family members.  As stated in another post...losing a baby like this is often worse than losing family.  They love us unconditionally!  They don't tell us how we mess up or forget to take care of something.  They just love us.  Fat, skinny, odd shapened, tall, never mattered to them.   We were loved and loved in return.  I cannot think of a more pure form of love as what we experience with the babies.  My wife and I are growing more and more attached and in love with Diana, daily...and Sammy is there with us too, as is Aja.  I feel bad about my boy Aja.  He is gone 16 years on Nov 11th.  Losing Sammy has brought that one back to us as well. 
The day will come with all the babies playing together and my wife and I laughing all the time.  I went through some older photos.  Here is Aja when he was about a year old in 83.  Purebred Samoyed!  He was quite intelligent and quite a handful.  Funny story...I visited my parents late 82.  My dad retired early after back surgery.  One morning, he decided to take Aja for a walk and didn't put his harness on.  My mom was screaming and laughing at the same time...Aja was dragging my father face down on the ground and my Santa...yelling Woa!  Woa!  That dog was more raw power than I had ever experienced before.  He was our first baby...followed by our son six years later.
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sammysdad. I wrote a long repsonse to you then couldnt post it because of site problems. had a hard time getting back on. Just wanted to tell you how great your words are. they reflect alot of what I feel about Maddie, and spiritualy as well.
I love the picture of Aja...thank you for sharing ..what a beautiful dog.
I am so happy that Diana is helping you all to heal. The pure love from these wonderous babies is just so powerful and deep. It's too bad, for those that cannot allow themselves to experience this love.
You are sunshine to this site...thank you sooo much. judy
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I am not an overly religious person, but the day Sammy passed, left such a mark on me...profound I could say.  I kept telling him...I will see you soon.  I believed, even at the moment that we were intertwined together, forever.   Time, as we know it, is a mere split second in the eternity scale.  We will see these babies again.  Aja was beautiful, intelligent, powerful and could be a handful...much like the wilfull child with a mind of his own.  Sammy was handsome, regal, mellower and the child who was always willing to please and help.  Diana is a bit of both of them.  She is such a lady at one moment and such a Tomboy in another instant.  As you know with Labs...they can be a handful as well...but she is a delight to behold.  I almost feel guilty scolding her when she chews my shoe...then I think..."who cares?"  I give her the fatherly hard time, but  I love her...try to teach her right from wrong...and move on.  I cannot believe that after all Sammy taught me...I am learning again. 

Judy...I pray that a day will come when you can accept a new baby and teach the new baby of his / her older sister.  Maddie looks like a real beauty and she has left her mark on you.  Funny...we adopt trying to teach them...and they spend their entire lives teaching us.  You have to wonder who the higher species really is.

May love find it's way to you again.  It will bring a new perspective and even bring Maddie back in a different way. 
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thanks sammysdad. Myabe one day, but maddie was sick off and on for so many years...and it hurts to see her...I just have alot of healing to do.
I laugh about Diana, I remember when I walked maddie when she was a puppy. I would come across people who would say, wow you got a lab eh....they always told me that she would be a puppy for years and years...and she was...and took alot of energy, and was the best thing ever for me.
your right, Diana will be teaching you new things. I think that in the earth school, that is what are pets do. I'm not religious with a specific religion...just a spiritual path.
Dont forget to send us more pictures. :)
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