My love died on July 5th of this year.  The first month was nothing less than pure hell.  I felt like after that I slowly started to heal and get on with my life with the dog I have left.  I even rescued to kittens while on vacation(the first vaca I was suppose to go on with Allie).  I have noticed though, that when ever I start to think of her or that horrible day, I call someone, start cleaning, run an errand, anything to save my self from the pain.  I guess I thought this was okay and if I didn't think of her it would not hurt so much.  Well, this is so not true.  For some reason tonight I just started crying and have been doing so for hours now, It's 230am here and my mind is just racing with all the what if's and whys.  I just miss her so damn much and feel like I let her down...she trusted me!

Anyway, Just had to type.  Guess I wasn't over her.
tammy miedema
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I do that as well  Tammy...even though it hasn't been a month yet for me.  I will feel somewhat normal then some memory will come up or a sad song... and I will lose it.  I have heard you have to go through the pain before you can heal..maybe that is what is happening to you now.  

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It's so heartbreaking to lose our best friends. In my case it took me time to realize he was gone and I found it helpful to post here and read about others who feel the same pain. I'm sorry you have to go through this! I have found and think that it's normal for those memories to bubble up and engulf us, sometimes when we least expect it!
Take Care!
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Yes! It has been almost 7 weeks since Shelby left me. There are some times during the day when I am ok, then all of a sudden, I feel so sad and just have to cry. I have not been able to get through a day yet when I do not cry for her. Maybe I don't want to because if I stop crying, then that means she is not as close to me anymore. I talk to her alot though, and I hear her answer back.  She always calls me Mommy.........

Deborah-Shelby's Mommy

Shelby you are a Pretty Girl, a Good Girl and a Smart Girl.

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