We just lost our sweet boy on Friday 12th. About a 6 weeks before he really got sick we took him to the vet because he seemed to be eating grass and throwing up much more than usual. They did all the usual things, take his temp, look him over and did a senior panel. All the results came back great for a dog of 11. They gave us an antibiotic and it seemed to help, for a bit but then the vomiting returned with a vengeance to where he kept nothing down. To make a long story short, after more blood tests his liver reading were now terrible and high and an ultrasound eventually showed a body riddled with cancer. 

We researched our dogs food and thought we were feeding him a quality product. Maybe we were. Just prior to him getting really sick I started to think about making my dogs their own food with whole, fresh ingredients. I can't help but wonder if the cooking process, or additives or just lack of actual fresh food has some influence at all on their general health. While we did not have an ultrasound on his initial visit to compare to, it just seems like he got SO sick SO fast. SO many of our pets dying of cancer. I really believed we would have at least 3 or 4 more years together. I still have 2 puppers left here with us. Does any one else make their own food? Any thoughts on what we can do preventively for our fur kids?
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If you question things you eat... like junk food, then I wouldn’t give it to your pet. Sugar is the worst. Our cancer doc told us that sugar can be converted easily to cancer cells.... it’s more complicated than just that, but if your feeding your pet a lot of sugar, you increase the likelihood of cancer.

We fed Angel nothing but organic dog food. Our mistake was “treats” and table scraps. If I had to do it all over again, I would leave this stuff out.

Angel had cancer. When she was diagnosed, she was given two months. We put her on immunotherapy and she lived another three years. Obviously it doesn’t work in all cases, but it gave us more time. It’s costly, and requires a shot every three months followed by a chest x-ray every three months.

We’re not sure, but the treatments do take a toll, and when it was her time, we think it deteriorated her vertebrae in her back and made her breathing weak. She was 15, so it was her time.

All in all, it gave us three more years. Happy years for her. If it’s the right treatment for your dog or cat, I would do it again.

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TB - Not to ruffle anyone's feathers. I think the mythical perfect diet is just that. The "Cancer" diet even more so. Good quality food and a sensible use of treats is all there is. The rest is magical thinking IMHO.

You were feeding your wonderful boy just fine. 11 Years is old for most dogs. My 10 year old Aussie mix was just diagnosed with oral cancer. It's just how the lottery of life rolls, luck as much as anything.

Really sorry about your loss 8^(
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