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Hi Nettles 15,

So sorry to hear of your loss. You will be missing Paws so much now I understand your pain.

I am new to this site too but I can reassure you this is the place to get support and advice from others who absolutely understand what you are going through.

You haven't done anything wrong but I would suggest you start a new topic (right hand corner of the main page - forgive me for not being as technical as I would like to be)
then people here will know you have joined the site and you can explain your situation so we can make sure you get appropriate support and advice.

Best wishes and a big hug.

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Dear Norma,
I am sorry on the loss of your fur baby. I have some good news to share with you.
First off men are wired differently than women and we all mourn differently.
I saw Kym Durham, a legitimate psychic from New Jersey. I know she is legitimate as my daughter saw her and she knew things very specific. When it was my turn to go a couple weeks ago, she knew something only my furangel Symba and I knew. Your baby is not dead. He has shed his fur suit. He is now a spirit and you can talk to him.
He's there. They choose when they are born and when they die. I've heard it before and I heard it from Kym Durham.
If you want look her up. She does phone work too but needs photos.
My Symba was 9 and died from a kitten I got from a breeder who had feline herpes.
I went on antidepressants and I am divorced. I felt better once I knew she was validated and I talkl to Symba and my other cat Singh both Singapuras.
I hope this reply helps you know he's not gone. He's right there with you.
I'm telling you. I was skeptical in mediums until I met this gal.
I am 63 years old. Another animal medium online who has pod casts is
Brent Atwater. Check her out. You will feel better. She will teach you how to learn to 
talk to your babies spirit. Afterall we are all energy. When we die we go into another form. You'll be o.k.
Sending lots of hugs and love!
Lisa Lombardi
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Dear Lisa,

Thank you for taking the time to pass on these details. It's too early to think about what I will do but I appreciate your advice.

I think it's hard for the wives,husbands, partners,family etc to know what to say if they were not so attached to our fur babies. My husband commented yesterday that I would "just have to get over it" like I could just turn all the feelings off. And if he asks me once more what's wrong and why am I crying I think I will explode. I am in pain, it is raw, it is how I feel and no I can't be happy just because you can't deal with my distress!
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Hi Norma
First, I'm so sorry that you lost your beautiful Spike! We lost our boy in November and I can't stop thinking about him and missing him. All the time. I read your post about your husband and I wanted to tell you that my sister tells me the same thing: that I'm making too much of it and he was a dog. It's so difficult when people say things like that because they just don't get it. Some of us have deep connections with our pets and when they die a part of us goes with them. I don't think I will ever get over losing Bailey. It got cold right after he went and I was actually glad but lately we've had some nicer days and I'm honestly not looking forward to spring (for once) because we had so many wonderful walks and he loved being outside. I hope it helps you to know that you are not alone in feeling like this and you have every right to grieve for Spike. It takes as long as it takes so just allow yourself the time and try not to worry about what others think. Just know there are people who understand exactly how your are feeling. I hope it helps a little. :)
Hugs, MJ
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