Someone posted this video to Facebook earlier, and I thought it may help some of you who are grieving the loss of your beloved animal companions.  I believe that animals do have souls and will cross over the Rainbow Bridge just like we will when it's our time.  But I also believe they can still come to us when we need it.  This video gives me some reassurance that our friends are always with us in spirit and will make their presence known when the time is right. 

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Love this. I believe if we ask for a sign we Will get it.
Before our boy died we were always whinging about him peeing all over the outdoor furniture and the smell was annoying us. After he died we had a big clean up to get rid of doggy smells inside and out. A few nights ago my husband was in  the kitchen thinking about him and a strong scent of his urine filled the area for a few seconds. I was outside at the time sitting and when he came out he said nothing. Few Moments later a strong urine smell went past me and I mentioned it, hubby then told me about his experience inside. 
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My husband and I had to unexpectedly have our rescued Russian Blue put down last Wednesday. I’ve been going between moments of extreme sadness and anger since then. We called him Boobookinz or Booby for short. He was such a robust, loving, cat full of personality - I never knew he was sick with kidney failure and a bladder tumor until my husband discovered drops of blood on the floor and him straining to use the litter box. In fact, right up until the day before, he was just as hungry as ever, giving one of other cats a run for her money at dinner time. I just thought his fur looked a little rough and that maybe he needed a bath. I was way wrong...  He was 15, but I was sure he was going to live past 20. The thing is, for the past few days I have heard him meow once a day, twice at most. He has a very distinct meow that is very recognizable and sounds completely different from my other 2. He was a Russian Blue, so they typically don’t meow alot, only if they want something. I hear it from where he usually slept. The thing is, I know it’s not just me because my husband says he hears it too.
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Wow. I believe our beloved pets' souls live on. Sometimes I pray to the soul of my cat Half-and-Half. I hope she is well taken care of, no longer sick or disabled, just the angel she was. Thanks for sharing!
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