Blessed are the creatures of this earth.
I read intently and respectfully about the loss of weighted this emotion of loss and grief.
 How is it, that for all the joy we shared with our pets...our companions, that joy has been replaced with sadness, loss, grief and sorrow?
We should not let this tragic event lock our spirits in this dungeon of gloom.

I am doing my best to "fight" off unlock this heavy gate with memories of days when my pup was a just that, a puppy who needed constant watching and was given a "different" kind of love during those formative took a lot out of went through it as well...I know you did.
The times when chewing anything and everything was a game of wits. When house training became a watchful eye for a sale on carpet cleaner. We became a cheering section when we made it outside to celebrate victory..."you did it...YAY you're such a good pup". How about that walking on a leash thing, it sounded easy enough, but the thrill of all those sights and smells was just to overbearing and we found ourselves following a K9 nose,walking a very crooked path, though the sidewalk sure looked a lot straighter. The thrill of puppy play wonderful was that!  
   Then there's the first car trip...O'boy!, what? did you eat that?...Honey we need to pull over. I reflect on the first introduction to other family and friends. Then, there's the "other" neighborhood creatures, I know its always the other pet that's aggressive...I always found that to be the case, no really.

The Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, the quiet pensive times...I place my thoughts in times of Zoe being present with our family and friends. I want my time of reflection to be that of careful and powerful thoughts.
It takes a lot of strength to fight these unforgiving emotions.
Please remember, we are all moving together in sharing our thoughts, our losses. We have done well for the love of our sweet creatures, we are caretakers who watched over the most gracious of beautiful is that for our memories. We have shown others what compassion looks like...what it feels like and the strength it brings to our souls.  
This is for me, a loss that is more powerful than any I have endured.
I am doing my best to fortify my spirit, to be resolute in that my life's journey with Zoe... It was spectacular... wonderful, the best God could provide for us was perfect.

Richard R
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Thank you for that wonderful post Richard R.  It made me smile and remember the good times, the good years,the fun and the joy and the challenges.  Wouldn't have missed it for the world.  You are right that we need to be happy for the great gift we were given, but it is easy to tell the heart that, but you can't make it change how it feels when that emptiness is there.  I am trying to be positive and your post did wonders.  Losing my Dali has been a loss more powerful than any I have endured, that is so true as you put it for me and for many people on this site.  Again, thank you...your words of comfort and joy are so was perfect.

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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Richard your writing style is so beautiful.
Your message is beautiful and uplifting even if I am crying as I type. It is so important not to make the illness, death, accident or whatever was responsible for their deaths a focus. I have worked really hard in the last 3 months at remembering my dog' s entire life, the good times, the funny incidents and the happy hours, days , months and years we spent together.
I wish I could express myself in writing as eloquently as you do. You have a gift.
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Richard R, that post was lovely and brought back such sweet memories of my precious puppies, and there were quite a few through the years.  It truly makes me miss having a puppy around...the mischief...the sloppy puppy kisses...and watching them grow.  Thank you for the memories.
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I am a work in progress.
These past weeks have shown to be relentless. I write, attempting to relieve my heart of this emotional God, its so very hard.
My loss is no greater than yours or anyone else's, but its my loss that has me in its grip. At times the pain tries to suffocate my spirit, then...just as I feel that hard choking sensation that always comes just before the tears, I feel her once again, moving through my thoughts with her tail visible with joy her ears perked slightly forward and those eyes...those sweet golden brown eyes all shinny and aware...if one can not gain resolve with that vision, then we are all lost.
I cant stand knowing that sorrow will again creep into my it surely will this day, that I know for certain.
I also know that these fearless they arrive in thought, will be challenged with brilliant kindness...that which only our pets can provide...those hurtful, painful thoughts of my loss...your loss will be dissolved.
My gift to receive from Zoe...all the wonderful memories...her profound gift of comfort...knowing she will flood my thoughts with joyful times and move her way into my heart once again...showing herself as bright as ever.

We all chose these loving creatures...we signed up for their "Whole" life and all that it brings with it into our life.
This is a grand time for us all to share our heart felt emotions, there is strength here my friends...a wonderful clam and peaceful strength.
Richard R
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It takes courage to 'chose these loving creaures' for their 'whole life' knowing that ordinarily it will be us that are left. It takes courage after they are gone to allow ourselves to be open and let the memories flood our whole being. The strength I need to deal with the emotions, that wonderful calm and peaceful strength you mention comes to me from knowing what I lost. My loss serves constantly to remind me what I had gained. For all the love I gave and I gave without limit I know is only a fraction of what I recieved from my little man. I would do it over and over again. I am a better person for it. I knew such absolute kindness and I will suffer this pain willingly as a debt of gratitude.
Love you forever and ever and I will be there for you xx
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