I feel like my heart is aching more and more each day since Mollie has passed. I know it has only been 5 days, but I feel that at this point doing daily tasks should be easier without me breaking down in tears.

My poor cat Winnie is just lost without her buddy. And this breaks my heart...She just walks around the house looking for her and doing things to catch her attention but she never comes...I try to give her extra snuggles, but she doesn't really want bothered.

I feel like this wouldn't be so bad if she was taken from me in a a different way. I keep having flashbacks of the day I saw her laying on the road and it horrifies me. I just want these images to go away. I just hope that she didn't feel anything...

I am so thankful for this board. I haven't had many people to talk to about this. I will be seeing a counselor next week because I seem to be having a difficult time. My husband is a counselor and he thinks it would be a good idea to do so.
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I totally understand how you feel.  I keep replaying my decision to put my cat, Sasha, to sleep over and over in my head - every...single...detail.

I'm so sorry for you loss... I wish I could say something to make it better... or hurt less...but I can only share with you in your grief, tell you my story, and be here if you want to talk...

My beloved Sasha had been by my side through thick and thin for the past 14 years, but she suffered a stroke on Saturday so I had to make the tough decision to not let her continue like that.  She had lost sight in one eye and was struggling to eat.

The hardest part is that I'm still not 100% sure that I made the right decision... She was sleeping quietly on my lap before we left to go to the vet.  It's a struggle because I know that the essence of her was still there.  I am wrestling with whether I should have taken her home and let nature take it's course... Who am I to decide if she should live or die?  Its so hard to focus on anything at the moment...

People who are not connected to pets just don't understand how much grief I feel...
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We all have doubts about whether we made the right decision or not.  It is particularly hard when your loved one still seems to be doing normal things like wagging his or her tail, eating and enjoying walks as always.  I still wonder whether I did the right thing or not for Bailey.  It is only when I look at those last pictures that I realise how tired and thin he looked.  The vet reassured us we were doing the kindest thing for Bailey and I know he is at peace now.  I keep thinking back to this time last week when he was still here.  I knew he was very sick then but I still had him to cuddle and kiss and tell him how much I loved him. 
I haven't been sleeping well and I feel guilty because the last couple of days I have felt a kind of peace although I still find myself crying at certain times throughout the day.  I still talk to him every morning and before bed like I always have.  I say goodbye when I leave the house and that I will be back soon. 
Saturday will be a tough day because it is a week since we said goodbye then next month is the anniversary of the day we brought Bailey home. 
Everyone here understands how you feel.  Our babies know how much we love them and I believe they are watching over us.  They are all playing together at Rainbow Bridge, at peace and free from pain.
Both of you are in my thoughts.
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Just know that our fur babies are up there right now playing together and they are wishing they could wipe our tears nudge our faces and take away our pain. They know the pain we went through to make the decision to end their suffering. As hard as it is for us to understand this just know that they're sending their love in everyway possible to us.

♡r.i.p. Wesker 05-10-13♥
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