Tonight, I did my goodnight ritual to my Jarvis who just passed but this time, I didn't cry. I didn't cry today. I was still sad and I still miss him dearly. I miss him so much and I think of him literally with whatever I'm doing. I think it just feels good to know that me and my fur baby are not alone in this battle and there are other fur parents and babies as well who has to go through the hardest time of their lives.

Me and my Jarvis are both grateful for this site, for having a refuge at this very hard time that not a lot would understand. May ours and our passed babies nights and mornings be better each day. 
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I agree, I just found this site today and already it is bringing me comfort in my grief.  There is comfort in knowing that others understand my pain and are here to listen and support.
Melinda Gray
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Glad you had a good night, Jarvis is providing you comfort from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
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Jarvisfurmom and Konosmamma....oh boy did you guys ever say it perfectly I don’t know how I could have made this past few weeks with out the support of all the loving pet parents being so kind on this forum ....I agree a lot of people don't understand the heart ache we are all going through. it doesn’t feel like I can pour my heart and hurt out to anyone like I can on here.

i too have my nightly ritual of saying I love you and gnight to my Marley I’m still crying quite a bit but I’m hoping some days will happen where I don’t — my heart is with you both and it makes my heart warm reading how much you loved your fur babies.

Searching around before finding this side I read a quote that made me try to start thinking about all the happier times and not that last month of trauma on loop:

“a sad ending doesn’t define a whole life

really made me want to stop and shift to thinking more about the joy she gave me in this world versus that awful ending.

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Thank you, Michelle for that wonderful quote, that a sad ending doesn’t define a whole life. That really helped me, not just with putting Deeder to sleep but with the other pets I have lost as well. I will remember those words and will focus on the positive memories.  Jeanne
Jeanne Swift
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Oh Michelle, thank you so much for posting that quote: “a sad ending doesn’t define a whole life”. I've been struggling so much with the traumatic end for my beautiful soul kitty. It's what keeps me up at night. The guilt, the regret, all the questions and what-ifs. I know she knows how much I loved her, but I wish her death would have been different. My heart aches for her and for all the other fur babies who have crossed Rainbow Bridge. I have found solace in this forum and I am so grateful for the people here.💕
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I’m so sorry to hear about your soul kitty, she does and always will love you ...we have found each other in our heartaches, that’s one of the roughest parts isn’t it the guilt, the regrets, the questions and all the what if’s that we wander around our foggy days asking ourselves,  I keep wishing things weren’t the way they were at that moment or the way things are so quiet now....I wish it for me , I wish it for you and I wish it for everyone hurting. 



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