My big boy Thatcher so afraid of thunder. Just woke up to a thunderstorm my first thought oh no Thatcher will be on me all 96 pounds of you. But then I remembered you are not here. Only consolation for me is you no longer have that horrible anxiety. Thunder shirt did not even work. Here is thatcher in His thunder shirt and trying to wiggle his way into my lap. Miss you bud but only sunshine and blue sky’s where you are.
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We are so used to having them around that it completely changes our world when they pass. :(  Stay strong
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What a handsome boy! He looks like the most lovable 96 pounds I have ever seen. We tried the thunder jacket with Bubby. Yeah didn’t work so well!

We had rain again last night and all I could think about was Bubby and Lola. Then I had to remember it was just Lola so I went looking around the house to make sure she was ok at 330am. I’m not sleeping well at all.

Hope you’re hanging in there. I know this pain has to get easier...one day.


Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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Aw. Hugs.
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