Hello everyone. It is now a year and 1 month since I lost my best friend, Wiley. I still cry just about every day and I think of all the support I receive here on Rainbow Bridge... I read so many of the stories still and my heart breaks along with all of u who have recently lost ur babies and also for those whose fur-children passed so long ago.
Every Monday is so hard for me, especially around 645pm, the time Wiley took his final breath... the last time I held my beautiful boy that painful August 17th of 2015. It does seem, however, each day is painful for one reason or another... "mile markers" hit me along with soap bubbles from the dish soap he would follow til they popped, fallen leaves he would chase in his mind as we watched out the back window, things in my basement he would hide behind and jump out at me when I walked by... and everytime I see his "new" sister who wasnt even his blood but looks so much like him, I miss my keeten.
I guess in some ways I have gotten a little better, but I am defineatly not the same person I was before he left this Earth... My sould died with him.
I would like to tell all of u that time does heal but from this experience, I can say it heals very slowly but yes.. it does heal.
Please know ur beautiful pets know how much u love them and they loved u even more, if u can imagine that.. The difficult decisions we were forced to make out of the love we have for them is well understood by them and they are waiting at The Bridge for us and we will be with them for all Eternity.
Sometimes I look up into the sky and just say "Hello my keeten...." as I wonder where Heaven is and I start to cry because I cant be with him... but I know that he can still see me everywhere I go and my heart is overflowing with my love for him and he knows that...
I pray that u also believe the same for ur best friends, even in the darkest moments of ur grieving...
They never truly leave us.....Every tear we shed they see.

Praying God's Peace upon ur hearts ((HUGS))
Love, Stacie
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Hi Stacie,
I love the way you described the mile markers that remind you of Wiley. So sad but yet so beautifully described. It brought tears to my eyes to read. It makes me sad to think of you looking up into the sky and missing your Wiley so much! I miss my sweet dogs but I've come to a place of acceptance and I agree with you that it takes time. Don't feel you have to put a time limit on your grief. You have a wonderful heart and I know that a large part of it belonged to Wiley and he loved you right back so much! I hope you and Wiley's little sister can help each other. Even though she wasn't here she will sense your sadness and that's okay because our pets love to be there for us through everything. If you can give her half the love you gave your beloved Wiley she will be a lucky little kitten! You take care. Hugs to you!
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Hey CK.. thank u for ur kind words xoxo as i write this, my little Riley and Alex are beside me along with Wiley's brothers and sisters that he did know and I am reminded of how blessed I am. ..They have all been there for me and i love all of them so very much. My neice worked in a barn and they found 2 abandoned kittens last December that is when Alex and Riley entered my life. Alex is all black w white markings on her chest and belly and Riley is a dead ringer for Wiley. ..with just a few slight differences, i believe he sent her and Alex to me. They make me laugh so hard. ..and they love to snuggle up. I wish i could attach pictures but it never works on my phone...
Thank u for always reading my posts and for encouraging me. ..it means so much to me.

God's Peace upon ur heart,
Love, Stacie
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Hello my friend,
Your words of comfort for others left me in tears. I know how much Wiley meant to you and it is so good of you to stop in the midst of your pain to think of what everyone else here is going through. I know how much Sampson loved me. You are so right Stacie. Their love is so pure, so unconditional, so hard for us to match. It has been over a year for you. That is true but that kind of love and friendship never dies. I hope you are finding it a little easier and I do firmly believe we will be reunited with them one day. Please don't forget that! Take care,
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