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Thank you for all your kind words.  It hasn't been a week yet since Pussy died and it sure feels that way.  I just sat outside pondering for a few hours.  Trying to enjoy the outdoors, the breeze, the sound of the brook.  And I am trying to "get the feel" of her in the breeze and the sun and the insects buzzing around and the other cats but it just makes me tear up.  I feel like I am dwelling in the realms of the spiritual the last few days, being sick with a bad cold that has my head all fuzzed up and out of it's earthly focus.  In some ways I feel closer to Pussy this way the way I am feeling.  Sort of like a trance.  Anyway, yes, even with five other cats, the chasm left behind by my beautiful friend is deep.  They know there is a missing friend and they are all trying to fill that gap for me and make me feel loved.  They do.  Tonight is the Candle Ceremony.  Not sure how I will mark it but I will be definetly lighting a candle and thinking about my lost girl-buddy.  My old lady friend.  Like they say, the wise will cry often and openly for as long as it takes.  
Thank you again for your very kind words.  All my love to all people thinking about their fur babies tonght, and every  night.  
God Bless,
Kelty/ Peridot13
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