My Bella drowned in our pool over 3 weeks ago. The pain and guilt I have been feeling is enormous. Time does help, but the part of my heart it ripped forever. I have been spending a lot of time reading and watching videos to know more about the other side and if I’ll see my Bella again. There are lots of verses proving that our pets are waiting for us on the other side. I have watched tens of testimonies of people who experienced near-death experiences. They saw animals including pets. One lady saw a beagle who she didn’t know, and after she came back she told that to her daughter. Her daughter knew right away that her mother saw their neighbor’s dog who he killed and went to jail for that. There are other examples, you just need to search on YouTube. One week after my Bella’s passing I asked her for a sign in the night sky and within a minute I saw a shooting star for the first time in my life. It was so big and bright. My husband’s fishing buddy told me what it was because I had no idea. I knew it was Bella’s sign then. Also, a few days ago, I had a dream. I had never had a dream like that before. I saw my grandma and my uncle cooking together (they are mother and son, both deceased) cooking together. I couldn’t really see their faces I just knew it was them and my Bella was with them. They never met Bella because they lived in Poland and I live here in the States. My Bella looked amazing. I knew it was her, she was young and happy and her fur was unbelievable, it looked like it was glowing and was kind of fluffy even she was a short hair dog. It’s hard to describe, but it was so beautiful, unreal. I always believed that we would see our pets, but after losing Bella I needed this confirmation. I have it now. I still hurt and feel not comfortable in my house. I feel here like a stranger. It’s such a weird feeling. I love you, Bella and always will ❤️
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Omg Zaneta. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you.
I have had the opersite. This has really tested my beliefs.
But I'm still saying a little prayer every day for my Simba. And the Buddhists believe your pet will visit you a few occasions during 49days, so I am following that too. What I do know in my head is that whatever happens to humans must happen to animals. If there is a heaven, our pets where so much better then people that they definitely have a spot there. I guess it's just making sure we do our bit to make sure we are able to join them there. My love and wishes for you, you don't deserve to go through this and I'm sorry you are having to.
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Thank you for your beautiful post. Bella sounds like an angel. I am so glad that you have received comfort in regards to your baby.
My father, who is also my best friend, has always stressed to me that guilt is a useless emotion. I know that is over simplifying it, but in actuality it's true. 
A broken heart is another story. You are surrounded by loving and caring individuals here who have had their hearts shattered in a myriad of ways.
Thank you for reaching out and know that Bella loves you more than anything.

My Warmest Thoughts,
K. Unger
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I understand what you mean about feeling strange in your own place. I've been feeling the same way since my baby boy died 6 weeks ago. We lived in this apartment together for 9 years. He was 2 years old when we moved in, and 11 when he died. Talyn was an amazing feline companion. I still see him sometimes out of the corner of my eye, sitting in his favorite condolences to you.
Ronnie A
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