It's been 6 days since I lost my Fred and I am still unable to quit obsessing and talking about the same things over and friend pointed out that he knows what I'm going to say everytime I start talking...I can't focus at work, or make food, or workout, I'm starting to think I might need professional help. Has anyone gone to therapy over pet loss? If so could you share with me...I'm feeling so lost and helpless. I can't go on like this without him...he was my best friend...he was too young to be taken from me, his condition so rare...I can't make sense of it. Any advice will be appreciated tremendously.
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I'm sorry for your loss Bettie and what you are going through. Its tough. 

I went to pet loss group therapy when Gus passed over two years ago and now I'm going to pet loss group therapy again as his sister Carma passed 5 weeks ago. It helps tremendously. If my city didn't offer group pet therapy through the shelter then I would have found a counselor that deals with and understands pet loss.

Its only been 6 days and this is a fresh wound. Surround yourself with people that understand. Come here and write and read posts. Your friend might not be the most understanding person on this particular subject. Therapists can help you work through the obsessive thoughts whereas friends often tire of hearing the same thing. It takes patience and training - which a good therapist has. Our friends aren't terrible friends, they just don't have the schooling a therapist does.

In the meantime, be kind with yourself. This is an emotional rollercoaster and your life has been changed dramatically. You will get through it and you will remember the good times with Fred. Right now you are in shock and grieving. Just take the time to feel those feelings and not push yourself to "get better". You will get better when you are ready.
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I think going to counseling is an excellent idea. I have been through it when I lost my father and I had to go to therapy if I was going to be functional. The obsessive thought, I hear you. Weaver has only been a couple of days and I know already I am going to drive everyone crazy. I think it is a function of our own personality too. My partner who cried uncontrollably seems to be able to do his everyday things, go out with friends and laugh. I cannot. I feel like I would be betraying my love if I were not 100% focused on these thoughts. I might end up going to therapy as well. I have offered the same thing to my teen son too. Chicagocats is so right. This is no time to push yourself. Of course, it is easier said than done. I am battling so much agony, guilt, and sadness.
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Fist of all I am so sorry for your is so hard.

I said goodbye to my Dog April 30. I keep going over the events in my mind. I am not functioning well...physicsl anxiety and lost 10 pounds . I have talked to a did help some. I just contacted a therapist that specializes in EMDR. This type of therapy helps with obsessive thoughts and ptsd. I had a traumatic event in my life 20 years ago and I think EMDR was the only thing that got me back on track. You can find a therapist that specializes in EMDR if you google it or look on the psychology today website.

Also, here are some sites that helped me better understand my grief:
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It can definitely be worthwhile. It helps is the therapist is a good fit. There are some who specialize in helping with grief. Most will spend a few minutes on the phone when you inquire, which can help you see if they sound like someone you could work with. 

Be gentle with yourself.  Losing a beloved pet can be as hard or even harder than losing a human family member.  Even a pet-loss hotline, talking with someone who well understands, can help some.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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