I'm wondering of anyone has seen a therapist to deal with the loss of a pet? My pain is so intense that I'm having a hard time dealing with day to day. My heart actually aches and I feel anxious about the thought of this never ending.
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I don't doubt that some of us have seen a therapist about their loss. It is not an easy thing losing a pet, I am still missing Atlas every day, sometimes I am still breaking down in tears in public but I promise it does get easier. It doesn't go away but it becomes something you carry with you, instead of something that overwhelms you. I never ever want to forget about Atlas and sometimes just the feeling that it is getting easier makes me upset. But know that your baby wouldn't want you to feel this way. Everyone handles things differently and there is no shame in wanting to see a therapist to help you handle this situation. I have an anxiety issue that I used to see someone for, and they could assist you in different methods of dealing with your grief or tools to handle your anxiety. I would suggest not thinking about the future for the time being. Handle each day with smaller goals, perhaps just going to work without crying or posting something on the forum about your pet. Smaller things will eventually lead you to handling it better and the future will not seem so overwhelming, or daunting.


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I saw a therapist after Oscar died. I was feeling so desperately sad and my grief was making me sick. She provided me a pamphlet with information about dealing with the loss of a pet and verbalized a lot of what I felt, such as the guilt over putting Oscar down and the lack of support from people who just don't understand. I am heartbroken, but I do think I'm settling down a bit.
Oscar was but 9. I had not even 4 full years with him. He loved me so much. And I loved him. He is sorely missed.
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I think a good therapist can help a lot with overwhelming grief, it gives you the chance to express your feelings to an understanding soul.  I don't have family and a lot of my friends don't understand but
my doctor acts as a therapist as we've known each other for years, she adores animals and lets me cry all over her shoulder and she cries with me .  In her own way too she helps me to see a bit of hope and at times I've desperately needed that as grief can be such a black pit and so lonely.

Lucy would want you to heal, so I pray that you will feel some peace in time,


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I just wanted to share.....I also felt like I might need to seek help. I have a very loving relationship with my oldest sister and she had dealt with this just a year before. She was my go to for talking about this loss. I felt she was the only one that understood. She helped me soooo much. May also suggest a book I purchased two days after I lost Jack. Its titled  Going Home, Finding Peace When a Pet Dies, John Katz is the author. It helped me alot, I read the whole book the moment I purchased it and still find myself reading it. Hope this helps.  Hugs to you. This is a terrible loss to go through.


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I am going starting tomorrow night, hopefully it will help as well , although nothing is better than everyone here on this site, but i just need to get out of the house right now
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Hi Missingher, I am so sorry for your loss & that you are feeling like this. It is devastating at first, but as someone else has said, take each day as it comes, set small achievable goals. Don't give yourself a hard time, go with it. When I lost my Misty, I would break down, cry & then try to stop crying. As someone else said on here, it is something you have to go through, this pain & if you think a therapist will help, then try it. It will get easier to cope with, the pain doesn't go, but it will in time be easier to cope with. I find this forum has been a life & sanity saver. The people on here m, have helped so much. You are in my thoughts, I hope you find peace, take care, juju xxx
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Thanks Everyone. I am seeing someone today and hoping very much that I can get started with the healing process. I realize that Lucy was my 'no matter what'. Not sure people can truly give us that. I'm pretty lonely without her and hope she knew just what she meant to me.
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Healing takes a long time for many. It isn't instant, grief is what it is, for some it is very very deep, others find comfort adopting asap. I know you want to get away from the pain, but it has to be gone through. Some people can deny it, shelf it, not something I recommend. I hope you like your counselor, that is ever so important.
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