Hello all,

Sorry for the radio silence.

I have been trying to come to terms with Banjo's loss, especially given the brutal treatment of the vet.

I got the most appallingly rude letter today from the clinic's office manager. While I understand that an HR wants to stand up for their staff, when dealing with a complaint you need to listen to both sides objectively.

This woman accussed me of all kinds of untrue things, then compounded that with spouting mis-information all over the place....stuff that was in the email exchanges which had been included in the complaint to the college of veterinarians.

Proud of how I handled it. I forwarded their letter to the adjudicator at the College, copied them on the email, and outlined every single incorrect item in direct, polite, point form.

I hope the adjudicator at the Colllege can see it for what it was. A rude, transparent attempt to discredit me because THEIR VET IS GUILTY.
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