My dearest girl Cookie,

There are so many things I miss about you and having you in my life and being a part of your life.  But these are the things I miss most:

Coming home after work and scooping you into my arms
Our nightly grooming sessions
Giving you a weekly bath with the baby shampoo and watching your fur blow under the hair dryer.
The sound of your nails clicking on the floor while you paced around our bed waiting for me to pick you up and place you between us.
Your gentle loud snores.
Your tail sashaying with excitement.
You jumping on your hind legs for a treat.
When you sit, sometimes your leg would stick out.
The gentle sound of your pants on a hot summer day.
The way you used to give me tiny scratches with your paw when you wanted to sample my meals.
The way we had our weekend naps.
The sound of your collar and harness when you shook.
The sound of you drinking out of your water bowl followed by the drips of the water from your beard.
How cold the water felt on your beard on the cooler nights.
Snuggling next to you binge watching tv.
Cuddling you when I was still scared after watching a scary movie.
Watching you nudge a door open with your nose.
Watching you jump up and down when I filled the tub because you knew it was time for your bath aka aquatic massage.
The happy way you greeted a food delivery person.
Dancing in the kitchen with you when waiting for the pasta to boil.
Taking you for car rides.
Smelling your fresh fur after a new grooming session.
Walking through the park and going up your favorite hill.
Sitting in the park and sharing pizza.
Sleeping in late in our bed on the weekends and sharing brunch.
Giving you pats, hugs, scratches, kisses.

This list can go on forever Cookie. It can go on forever like my love for you. But most of all, I just miss being able to hold you and give you scratches behind the ears and whisper I love you always and forever and always.

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Wow wkcookie I read through your whole list and I can check off each one of those that i miss about Ozzie too made me smile cause it's amazing how we all can relate to what we miss in our fur babies not sure if cookie did this but after they drank the water and had it on their beard he would come over and have to drip it on my feet or my leg and it was cold..thank wkcookie for sharing I miss all those same things very much and so hard to get used too
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Hi Ozziemom,

Yes. Sometimes after drinking water, Cookie would come up to me and put her face against my lower calf and her beard was soggy and cold. I sometimes would take a paper towel and wipe her beard. How we miss our fur babies!
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We sure do miss them and it's so hard adjusting to life without them it's a whole different way of living and it's not easy 😔
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