I just recently lost my beloved dog in a car accident. I only had him for a short period, but he kindheartedlu transitioned me into life in a new country and parenthood. The moment we met him at the rescue center I was in love. He was a yorkie mix and came straight up to me a licked my hand. I asked no questions, just when I could take him home. It soon became evident that the poor thing must have suffered some abuse as he was terrified of other dogs and only wanted us in his pack. He never barked at humans, but he wasn’t interested in any one but us.

We went on a journey of companionship I had not experienced before, I had a pet when I was a child, but this was different. Often it was just the two of us as my partner travelled with work. Life got busier with our children, of which he was by my side throughout the pregnancies and bringing these little ones into his world as well as mine. He was so patient with them. He loved my toddler – and I never realized how much food he dropped until my darling dog departed.

He never ran away, we would just shout his name if he went out the front door (which was rare) and he would fall to the ground with his legs in the air waiting for you to tickle him or pick him up. Some days he’d run to the car and we take him out for a walk.  But this fateful, tragic day. He ran out, and I called him and he glanced back at me, this time not falling to the ground. The next thing I heard was a car screeching and his yelp. My heart is broken!! My husband ran out to pick him up, I wailed and prayed that he was okay, telling him I loved him. My husband rushed him to the vet and sadly he died on the way there on his lap.

I just can’t come to grips with it, why did this day he run out? Why did it have to be rush hour? Why didn’t he stop when I called for him? Why did he look back and keep going? Was he running away? Did he not want to be with us anymore? Did he hear me tell him I loved him and that he was the best dog? When will the tears stop?

I have spent days reading others stories, but haven’t seen one from someone who lost their dog in similar circumstances and want to hear how you got through it and how you made sense, peace with it.

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I had a pup around five months or so old. She always came back after potty. One night she was hit by a car just yards away from her yard. I still feel guilty and why I always keep my dog with me close. Very busy road next to us.
I'm so sorry to you too. May your dog be playing with my Jana and all the others lost.
You gave this dog a great home and so glad he found that love with you and your family. Guilt can tear you up I know too well. I hope we can heal.
Please take care and know you gave a home to a dog in need.
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I read a story about 7 months ago about a woman who had a dog, who always did the same routine of letting her dog out of the car and the dog would "always" go back into the yard....every single time, yet one time the dog was distracted and ran into the road and was hit by a car and passed away. I felt awful reading the story. As we all know most of our dogs listen most of the time and its sad to have a fatal accident happen this way.

Sounds like you gave your baby a good amount of love, sounding from his past he may have been abused, but you showed him what a real life should be like. And he loves your for all the good you gave to him. You saved this boy!

As for this path we call grieving, I am sure you will go thru the could haves, should haves and would haves....I know i did when i lost recent beloved pet Jemma. I think its natural to think we could have done something different to stop the circumstances. But as time goes on, thru all the meltdowns and tears and missing your lil' guy....I ask that you keep posting and sharing and keeping your boys memory alive. As you did not plan this accident, yet I am sure you are feeling overwhelming pain of missing your boy. The more i shared and spoke about my Jemma the better I felt and it took away that "alone" feeling that we have when we think no one truly understands our pain.

Please know you are not alone and my heart breaks for you.....Hugs....


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