I found Tucker thru Paws and Claws, He had been brought to a high kill shelter by a man who had found him, his brothers and sisters, and mommy  on a feezing march morning in Arkansas. All the other puppies were dead, as was his mother, Tucker was still attached to his mom by his imbillical cord, the man realized Tucker was still alive and cut the cord and rushed him to a shelter, the others had frozen to death/ or starved. When I saw that baby boys picture I knew he was meant to be. Tucker took the long journey to Connecticut in May. Our lives would never be the same again. He was part Bassett Hound, maybe pit bull, and retriever( his toes were webbed to his nails) He was a clown, a monster,the incredible hulk,the fastest swimmer you ever saw, and the biggest love monkey you could ever know. He loved going to the herb farm with my husband and he would put his nose to the ground and hunt anything he could find for hours on the 36 acres of our land. When they would come home he would go right to the fireplace and plop down and dream about his adventures of his day.Our yellow lab Sage was 10 when we brought Tucker home, she was not very happy about the new arrival, but became soulmates not long after. On Friday 12/18 Tucker was out back and my husband drove to the market, Tucker  escaped his fortress and chased my husbands truck out onto the main road, My husband was not aware, he was hit by a car, the driver told the police he had been killed instantly. If only I hadn't gotten stuck in traffic that night this would never had happened i think, but the if onlys  make it worse, Sage sits at the end of the driveway every night looking and waitng for her friend, it breaks my heart. This is something  I found by Ben Harper and it rocks me to the core:
Oh no, here comes that sun agin, and another day without you my friend.
You put the happy in my ness, you put the good times into my fun.
They say if you love somebody you've just got to set them free
but I'd rather be locked to you than live in this pain and misery.
They say time will make this whole thing go away-
but it's time that have taken my tommorows and turned them into yesterdays. Once again that rising sun is dropping on down- once again you my friend are nowhere to be found. I love you my sweet Tucker, Mommy
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he is so beautiful. Thank you
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