The sting is kinda gone.
The vacancy is still there.
My dad has just been diagnosed with throat cancer. And one of my puppies just got out of corrective leg surgery.
I'm finding more happy memories returning about Skittles as the time goes by,  but there is no replacing her at this time.
I did purchase a robotic cat from Hasbro that purrs, closes and opens it's eyes and rolls over on it's back for belly rubs.  Of course there is no comparison,  and it was aa little expensive.
I thought it might give me comfort to have something to talk to.
I send my thoughts out to all that are experiencing loss. And I appreciate the administrator for this wonderful sight.
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wow. So sorry to hear about this. This must be a very difficult time for you.  Amazing that you thought of getting that robot cat. Of course it is not at all the same but whatever brings you comfort, why not. 

Sending prayers your way .
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That is a creative idea. Best wishes to you and your father and I hope they caught his cancer in time.
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