It is with great sadness that my wife Candy and I are announcing a loss in our family. Our dog Pal (a.k.a. “Woofy") had to be put down yesterday after losing his battle with Cushing’s disease and arthritis. He’s blessed Candy's family for 15 long years, the last seven I got to be a part of. He came into my life when I met the wonderful and special lady who was to become my wife. Candy said it was a “package deal”. At some point along the way, he officially became “my" dog.
Candy also said before we met, that, “whoever Pal warms up to will be the man for me”. I am humbled and very honored to have been that person. Although I cannot escape the feeling of a hole missing from my heart right now, I know that in time it will get better. I’m not religious, so I don’t know if he has crossed the rainbow bridge to be with other pets and their owners (he probably slid over the bridge if it had laminate flooring on it!). I do know, however, that he is no longer in discomfort, or living a life that has slowly robbed him of his spark, passion, strength and character in the last year or so.
Putting Pal down doesn’t leave us with any regrets as far as ‘was it too early’ or ‘was it too late’. We know it was the right decision at the right time. Personally, it will be the regrets of having not spent enough time with him, or being mad at him for trivial things, that may tear at me.
I was fortunate to have had some down time this week to spend with him, even though it was incredibly painful and depressing knowing what was going to happen Friday evening. Part of me feIt as though he was gone a week earlier. I held and hugged him every chance I got, and feel like I’ve cried enough in the last few days to top off his water bowl.
Friday morning, as I was getting ready to leave for work, I saw Pal and Candy sleeping. As I was leaving the room, I just stopped to cherish the moment, as it was one of those “lasts”. I wanted time to stop. I had an hour or so with him before I had to take him on our last car ride together. As Candy and I walked out of his vet’s office with an empty collar, a chapter of our lives ended and a new started. Now comes the time to celebrate his life and move forward with ours. 
I have put together a short movie showing some great photos we have enjoyed through the years. I think it’s a wonderful tribute to his life. You can view it here:


Candy and I love you very much Pal, and thank you for the many years of memories, special moments, companionship, and amazing unconditional love you have filled our lives with. I'm so glad and fortunate that our paths crossed in this life. No matter how bad or stressful of a day we had at work, having you there to greet us quickly reminded us that we were.... “home”. You were truly the son I never had, and you have a permanent place in both our hearts. 
Rest in peace. 

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In your posting you wrote " I don't expect any of you to understand how we feel right now".
I think there are quite a few of us who do understand exactly what you are experiencing right now, though some of us are at different stages in our grief journey.

You wrote a beautiful tribute to Woofy/Pal. Started the waterworks . I love the picture but could not find the movie.
I am sorry for your loss. We made the same decision as you and Candy 17 weeks ago today. It does get easier but I have a hard time on most Saturdays.

You seem to have a very positive outlook. The words in the last sentence of the 5th paragraph are uplifting.
Wishing you peace.
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I'm so sorry for your loss he was a beautiful boy. I've lost two babies in two months and don't have children. They were my children and I can't shake the numbness I feel. I never would have thought that my baby would be killed by a car. All my babies have had long lives and this is so unfair. He was my angel, he stuck to me like glue and don't know why he took off that day. I will never know. I wish I never went on holiday now because maybe he'd be here still. Peace and love.
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Pianogardener and Candy

I am sorry for the loss of Pal aka Woofy. I understand exactly how you feel. As Manjack says there will be many who do, well virtually everyone. Not only are people at different stages, people have lost for a variety of reasons. Any and all of which leave a hole in our hearts the size of oceans. You have filled his bowl with tears. In 8 weeks I feel as if I have cried enough to raise the global sea levels beyond all expectations. Like Candy, my little man was with us 15 years. How can that now feel like so little time. I want to roll back the years and do it all again. If only.
We are fortunate to be blessed with three wonderful children. But our baby was another son. He was part of our children's growing up. The love was as unconditional, the joy was immense. The loss unbearable.
You have paid a wonderful tribute to Pal, your son. He was clearly deeply loved.
Love you forever and ever and I will be there for you xx
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