It has been over three weeks since I lost my beloved Sophie and the pain is still horrible.  I keep thinking she will be coming home this must be a dream and then reality sets in.  I will never see her again, why does this happen I just can't cope anymore.  Nothing helps just when I think I am getting better it all comes rushing back, she is gone.  Sundays are the worst every thing I look I think I will see her.  All I do is cry.

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GentleGeorge your ideas are very helpful.  I am going to try to write down the good things about my Lucky.  I seem to be only dwelling on the the painful parts and forgetting about all the happy times I had with her.  I know she would want me to remember the good times we went walking or curled up together on the couch or the sweet kisses she gave me.  I know it has not even been a week and I feel the same as GsCakes that I just can't cope anymore.  gscakes-I have been attending the nightly chat rooms and there are many people there that help/listen and you get instance feedback.  I think I just can't cry anymore and then more comes.  I am a mess.  Sorry for your loss and we are all right there with you. 

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I am finding that writing is a very helpful process in helping our souls to heal.  But I will be thinking about all of the pet owners during tonight's Candle Ceremony.  God Bless You may you find the solace you need soon.
Love, Kelty/Peridot13.  Who will be lighting her candle at 11 o'clock Atlantic Time tonight.
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I am just over three weeks too and last night I cried myself to sleep with the sheer agony of missing Mia. It is horrible but we are all here to support eachother xx   

Mia Jessie aged: 11 years. Always our puppy girl xxxxxx
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