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Hi Melkman, same here, 12 y/o lab with compounding pain due to bad legs. I reached my limit when she cried just going out to do her duty, it absolutely broke my heart. I felt so guilty that I did not do more to help her, I feel like the real bad guy here. So hard to go about daily life, she was
an intricate part of every routine. I can hear all of her sounds, I have to stop and look to see if she is there. Each morning and each meal and every night I have to go outside and talk to her, she was genuinely my best friend in life and I have never grieved so much for anyone or anyone.
So many dogs I have had, always big dogs, always over 10 yrs, and always such a horrible gut-wrenching decision to put them to the long slumber.
NO more - I say, never again, , then I remember how genuinely true is the friendship and love with the greatest friend ever known.
Change does occur, outwardly, physically, but not in my heart, I have never embraced a more sincere friendship and kinship than that with a dog.
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It has almost been a month since we lost Monty our darling cat...I thought I was getting better and in fact I am...but this morning I just broke down and sobbed and wished him back...but of course that is not going to happen.

Monty was our first real pet and having to have him laid to rest broke our is true what you say there is no greater kinship than with a pet as they love you unconditionally.
Ellen Hague
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My heart is breaking for you.  I had to euthanize my 12.5 year old cockapoo (who was my baby) after fighting CHF for one year and he was still doing well so I actually hoped he would die in his sleep or some peaceful way.  

I feel so guilty since he stressed over getting his nails done and I had an operation on my arm.  In the end someone came yo the door and he was excited ran too long nails slipped a disc and could not stand up.  He would stress then cough 
I fe like I let him down and didn’t take care of him so robbed him of his peaceful ending.  Our vet came to our house on our back deck sofa and we held him as he injected something that was supposed to relax him but he started breathing really hard like he was fighting it.  At the same time he turned around with the saddest look in his eyes as of to say “are you killing me Mom?” Then the vet came back in as he was giving us a moment and said “sometimes they fight it” the. He put another injection in his spine and then the IV i his leg and it was 30 seconds.  I know there was an instant where he may have suffered but it was brief.
my father suffered so much more in the end with his cancer.
i got Sandy when my dad was dying so poured all of that love into my dog.  I worked at home so we were almost never apart.
Feems like part of my body Is missing.
so I cam relate 
hugs and prayers for you

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Lindsay, I'm so, so sorry for your loss. We had to put our lab down last month. I'm still a mess without him. He was 3 weeks shy of 14 years old. I know that's a long time but I wasn't ready to let him go. I know exactly what you are feeling. The pain is unbearable. I wish I could say it gets better. Just know you gave Glen a long and wonderful life. Don't feel guilty. You know it was time and or you wouldn't have done it. I don't feel guilty. I knew there was no other choice. I just miss him so much.
God bless, 
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A very very difficult choice, indeed. I felt so mechanized, unhuman, not inhuman, just to get through it. Thank God I had two of my sons here to help
with the process and get me through it. Then the next day I completely fell apart, in a good way.
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Hi lindscx    
Hoping that you are feeling better knowing that Lab is without pain. The pain of loss is always in kind to the depth of the love. You are blessed to have had so many years with that friend. Take care and caress those precious memories.          
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