Our Baby boy scooter aka scootie pootie of 5months. Been gone for a month now..I want him back please.. iM NOT getting over him like i should and because of his precious being i feel like im weaking for him.
Hes every where and when i see him in places the tears just flow like i turned the hose on...OMG.
My heart HURTS cause i feel i did NOT DO enough even listening to a vet. And I still LOST him ... IS THERE A REWIND BUTTON.
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I know how your feeling I lost my boy macky 3 weeks ago today and I miss him so much it cuts deep , i want him back too bit in good health .
I'm so sorry your suffering this terrible feeling of loss it hurts more then anything in the world.
I can't offer advice as im having a rough time but knoe your not alone
Hugs to you
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Thinking about u and Scooter as i am missing my princess Sevyn. I am coming up on 2 months already and the pain is unbearable.
I keep seeing your scooters tiny face and ik how much u are hurting. Im sure he is playing with Sevyn and my Wiley keeten and all the other furbabies in Heaven while they wait for us...
My heart breaks with yours as we miss our babies.

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There really is no "should," no time frame when it should be done.

I'm really sorry you're hurting so much and I understand the deep sadness and intense missing. It's the worst. 

Hugs to you. You're in my thoughts. 
-Missing Marissa deeply
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