29983_1469755461007_2706142_n.jpg  I lost my dear BooBoo (black cat in picture) on Wednesday.  Thank you all for the kind words.  They have been very helpful.

Not sure if any of you have others animals left behind who are acting strange.  BamBam (white cat in picture) has been acting strange since the loss of BooBoo.  The vet told me that BamBam would be very clingy to me.  BamBam has not been.  He has been sleeping a lot, staying away from me and not eating much or using the litter box much.  I've been trying to get him to socialize, but he has not been interested.  When I get home, both cats would run to me to be petted.  BamBam has not done this since BooBoo went to Rainbow bridge.

Has anyone experienced their other pets left behind acting strange?


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Yes Syb is also off since Wiz passed(both kitties) and she isn't well because she had lost some weight before he passed, but so far they can't find any cause after multiple tests. She goes back in 2 weeks for another weight check. I'm pampering her a lot and trying to make her feel better. At some point I may adopt again, I'm not sure yet, even as lonely as I am without Wiz I don't want to take on another now. I don't feel able yet emotionally and physically and I don't want to go through all of this pain again. I think Syb will be more stressed too. Your kitty may be happier with a new companion sooner though if you feel ready. hugs <3
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Claudia, so sorry to read of the loss of your dear booboo.  bambam seems to be mourning the loss of his friend as you are.  when I lost my service dog roxie suddenly the evening after Christmas (she was just 9 and not sick at all) our pet pomapoo tae acted lost around the house without her friend and pack member.  when I walked back into the house that night with only roxie's collar and leash tae was waiting at the top of the stairs from the front door for "us" and she was really confused when she saw only me.  I blurted out "tae, we lost our girl" and because I knew she would not understand I had asked the vet to clip a lock of hair from roxie which I picked up that Monday morning.  getting it home I opened the Ziploc and let tae see it was roxie's hair and allowed her to sniff it.  at first she was very excited to smell her friend but then she seemed to realize it was not her living scent at all.  aside from a few times where she wouldn't eat her dinner, tae has really taken it ok and I think the lock of hair helped a lot.  our companions don't understand "death" or the concept of dying as they live in the moment with love and joy in their own ways, but they do know when one of their own is no longer in the colony or pack.  sending you many many hugs for you both
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Animals do mourn.  BamBam is just mourning the loss of his companion.  My cats didn't particularly like Bailey, he ate their food and was considered an annoyance, they never fagave him since he was  a puppy and tormented them.  Every time he passed by them, one would swipe at him in warning.  Poor thing. 

My two cats do not get a long anyway. 
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Since Sally passed away, Baby has not been the same. She has stopped eating like she usually does. She has stopped barking at the neighbor dogs and has grown very needy. I can't leave the house outside of work hours because now she starts crying in the most pitiful and hideous sound I have ever heard before. I have never heard her cry before. She would usually be outside most of the day in the warm Florida sun but now it is as if she was attached to my hip.I am trying to do as many different things to get her out of her funk to see if that helps. I have taken her over to mom's house to play with her two dogs and she seems to cheer up a bit more while we are there. Vet has found nothing wrong, she gets a clean bill of health. I am seriously thinking of renting out part of my home to someone with a small dog so she has some company. I can't see myself getting another dog but I don't want Baby to be the only pet in the home.
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My Chewy was very depressed after Eddie died.  He wouldn't eat, didn't enjoy walks and would lay on Eddie's bed and stare at the wall.  After a month of this I did adopt another dog from the shelter.  They are not really friends but Chewy is eating again and I do think that he likes being the leader of a pack, he was very depressed when he had no pack.  It is very hard to see our pets depressed.  Eddie wasn't sick, here one day and gone the next so Chewy had no idea what happened as opposed to when they are sick, I think the other animals can sense that.  It was heartbreaking to see him like that and I was heartbroken too, and you can't explain it to them.  I hope you both feel better soon.
Sue E
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