Yes, somedays are better than others but when I'm down and crying about my poor little Kitty and how much pain she was in I think about and tell myself that she is still here. The reason I know this is because she showed me. One day quite a while ago(about a month or 2) I prayed for her and in that prayer i also asked her something. I can't remember what it was but, I'm pretty sure that it was something like this "Kitty, If you are listening right now could you let me now if you are still here with me and let me know if you are ok. I love you so much and I will miss you forever". That night she told me, very clearly in my dream that she was ok and she is still with me.When I'm having one of those bad days that's the only thing that keeps me going.
-Emily(Kitty's mum)
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I'm very sorry for your loss. She is so cute. My tabby McCartney passed July 11th, and I know how you feel. I talk to him frequently, and talk to God about him. I hope somehow McCartney knows I'm talking and how much I miss him. I wish I would have a dream like yours, it hasn't happened to me. But your dream gives me even more hope that we will all be with them again someday. Thank you for sharing.

~I love you eternally, McCartney boy~

You can visit my kitty McCartney's Rainbow Bridge Memorial here:

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