Hi guys, I don't know if this is where we are supposed to post this stuff but I have a very interesting story for you guys...
4 months ago I had a best friend who gave me unconditional love and who helped me through a lot.
His name was Copper, a three year old cattle dog beagle mix. He was SUPER intelligent and walked off the leash with me, despite his great nose always telling him to follow a scent trail.
My second dog at the time who is still with us is named Reggie. He is a hound terrier mix and he's around 8 years old.. we got Reggie before Copper when he was 2.
Finally, the third dog who's name is Vivian unfortunately was dumped in our yard near Christmas a couple of years ago. She's a sweet little Pomeranian and Copper made very good friends with her during her unfortunate situation.

Copper had injured his leg and was going through therapy because he had muscle atrophy from his injury. It seemed like he was going to recover just fine but one night he stopped eating. He seemed to be struggling to get comfortable one night and he would whine in my room and I feel so guilty for it but I kicked him out so I could get sleep... The next day we took him to the vet and he was anemic so he was going to be receiving a blood transfusion from another dog (sweet ..Ik..) We left him there over night and I expected to see him in the morning doing well.. At 1am my mom came into my room and told me that the vet called and Copper was not doing well with the transfusion and that there was liquid in his chest that they couldn't drain. By the time we made it there they were trying to revive him. He was scared, in pain, and completely alone when he passed away, and I never got to say goodbye to him. He hated the vet, despite his loving kind nature.
As the months pass it does not get easier .. I miss him so much and think about him every day. I grew depressed and finally asked my parents for another dog.. I found a Husky Lab mix puppy who is keeping me busy. He is sweet and playful and reminds me of my poor Copper who passed away. It helps with the pain but I still would give anything to have my old dog back. We just found out today that the Pomeranian who was friends with Copper has cancer.. she has a few weeks to live.. We'll have to put her down soon. I love this dog and my mom does too but I can not help but find comfort in the fact that Copper is tired of being alone. He couldn't call his friend Reggie home because Reggie is too busy teaching the new puppy how to behave and how to be my best friend ...
I find this reassuring in a sense..
my boy won't be alone for long and although I'll miss Vivian, I know they'll meet each other again when she passes.
Thank you for always looking out for me Copper.
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I'm so sorry you are experiencing so much loss. Cooper sounds like a special friend. I too know what it's like to lose a dog who means everything to you and it's not easy. Also, such sad news about little Vivian! I can't believe someone just dumped her. You were so kind to take her in and give her a good life! If she has a short time left I would spoil her rotten so you will have all those happy memories. I know that Cooper will be happy for his little friend to enjoy her last days on earth and I also think he will be happy to see her again. I hope that you are doing okay. Take good care!!
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