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Mistysmama wrote:
Tamara...she didn't pass alone. You told her it was good and safe to leave the Earth and she heard you. She knew that she was with you. You might have been sleeping but she knew your Soul was there with her.
Not only that, but she may have gone out and stayed nearby you for a little while, as they often do.My dog stayed with me for some time before leaving for her Spirit home. And even after that I still sometimes sense waves of her sweet love as she "checks in" on me.
So from that, I can see my girl is waiting for me....as yours will be too.

Bless you for the special care you gave a good old girl in her last days -and in her whole life.

Thank you for your caring words, they are so comforting.  I also just read your beautiful blog and it made me smile and warms my heart.  I have been listening to an audio book as well and I am beginning to understand things better and it comforts me.  This forum has been wonderful and so supportive.  Thank you again!
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Bonnie1226 wrote:

I lost my dog, Henry, almost 12 years old, on Thursday afternoon. He was in kidney failure and had pancreatitis.

I laid on the floor with him and held him in my arms until he passed because I wanted the last sound he heard and the last thing he felt to be me. The warmth of knowing he was safe in my arms and the reassurance that I was there.

You did that for Kona too. You were there for those moments and that’s what was needed.

Our vet has told me repeatedly that dogs don’t pass until they know their humans are going to be okay. She said she’s seen it time and time again....one girl’s dog passed after she got out of an abusive relationship, another one passed after his mom got married, another one said hers passed after she got pregnant....she said it’s like they get you through certain hurdles in your life and then they let go.

I don’t have advice or words of encouragement because I think you and I are pretty much at the same stage, as far as we’ve both lost our babies in the last few days. I have no idea what to expect. But I know we’re both so lucky to have had them.

Thank you for your kind words.  I am so sorry for the loss of your Henry.  How beautiful that you were able to hold him and be the last thing he felt. 

It has been a week now since Bailey passed and the days are hard but getting better.  I think of her always. I have been listing to audio books during my drive to work, which have been very helpful.  The one I am listing to now is "The Amazing Afterlife of Animals".  This has been very comforting to me, along with the support from this forum. 

Thank you again and I pray for peace and comfort for you during this difficult time.  Hugs! 

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