I lost my Blaze, my beautiful 10yr old yellow lab who bravely fought kidney disease for 3 years.  We did everything medically we could for him, but I could save him.  It's only 3 weeks and the pain is unbearable.

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Dear Donnamarie,

I'm so sorry to read about your loss. Please come back and tell everyone about Blaze and your life together. It helps to talk about the good ties and even the difficult times. Everyone here is here for each other, and talking about our joys and sorrows helps friendships to grow. 

I wish you a gentle path to healing now.
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So sorry to hear about your loss.  Please tell us about Blaze.  Share some photos along with the memories of the special things Blaze did or didn't do.

The pain you are feeling is something we all have in common.  All of us went through what you are going through.  I am almost 3 years after the fact of losing my Dax and I still hurt a bit, from time to time.  It is the price we all pay for giving and receiving that unconditional love.  May not feel like it was worth it now, but it will.  Time is your enemy and your buddy in this.

Hang in there.
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I’m so sorry. I lost my Cosmo Bear last Sunday at 10.20 pm. It goes from feeling surreal to soul crushing. I’ve never felt pain like this and just want to let you know that you are not alone and it’s clear that there is so much support to be found here. I am so glad i googled “rainbow bridge!” Energy never ceases to exist. The love you have keeps Blaze a part of you always.
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Dear Donnamarie,
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Blaze.  The pain can be unbearable at times when we have loved someone who also loved us unconditionally in return.  We all grieve so differently - and are all in different phases of our grief.  But speaking only from my experience, after nine years of losing my precious Carmen, I have come to terms that the melancholy sadness will always remain.  Like some of the others said, I can now focus more on the happy times and reflect back on the fun Carmen and I had.  Now, I can actually laugh about some of the silliness we shared when before, I would just cry even when I said her name.  But regardless, I know Carmen is still with me - still such a big part of my life, albeit not like before.  As much as you hurt right now, Blaze will always be a part of you.  I pray in time that your pain will ease and you will be comforted knowing that you and Blaze shared a great love together.  Please share pictures if you have them.  We would all like to know about the incredible friend of yours called Blaze.  My sincerest sympathies,
My warmest regards,  Carmen's and Gigi's mom - alicia
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