How do you do it?? Precious loved Christmas..her stocking had treats and toys..under the tree would be a new blanket or comfy bed..She was a little thing so a new sweater was always in order..she would open her gifts herself and bark at her was unbelievable!! I have alot of videos but I cant watch them yet..I am can a Christmas without her after 15 years even be adult kids loved her too..but not sure if they truly get my is a pain so deep..I don't even have her ashes back yet...I feel like a with no emotion, then come home to emptiness...I love you Presh...don't know how to deal with this...
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I am so sorry for your loss of your Precious. The holidays are so tough!  I know when we get out the Christmas decorations I will see Apollo's ornament that my friend made with his photo, and his stocking.  Instead of being excited to decorate, I dread opening those boxes and seeing those reminders.  We had Christmas with him for 15 years and he always laid under the tree and opened his presents.

My daughter even made a Christmas wish list with his name on it, as well as our 2 other cats before he went to the Rainbow Bridge, so she asked what to do with his wish list.

Hang in day at a time!

Rest In Peace, Apollo
Sweetest Kitty with White Whiskers

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