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My kitty Raven had the start of what I thought might be dementia as well as weight loss and lethargy. I couldn't let my girl continue to feel this way. She gives me signs now and then to let me know everything is ok. She was my "heart cat," just as my younger female Roswell is now. Even if we can't see them, they continue to love us and watch over us 🐱
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Hi huskiesmom. So very sorry to hear about your sweet Lucky. We helped our 17 year old Bichon out of his misery a year ago last May. After the fact as I read more about this topic, I found the following suggestion (I may not be remembering the exact wording) -- it is better to let your pet go a day or week early rather than a day or week too late. At his 16 year checkup our vet had told me that their recommendation was to help your pet out of their misery and/or pain when they no longer were able to enjoy their lives overall. If your dog is no longer enjoying life it may be time to help him go. From your description it sounds as Lucky is not happy or enjoying his life very much. If he's at all like our boy he was very embarrassed by any messes and had to be coaxed to eat. I wish now that we had thought more about his unhappiness than our own feelings of not wanting to lose our boy. He didn't eat much, didn't want treats and didn't want to be walked. He enjoyed sleeping, cuddling down on soft blankies with his Chihuahua brother, being petted and held for a short time, usually when we were waking him up in the a.m. -- not sure how long he would have slept if we didn't wake him but we didn't want to leave him there as he could no longer use his stairs to get down from our bed so we needed to get him down. Finally he started having nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. We took him to see our vet as he had had bouts of colitis over his last few years. The vet told us we could treat for a short time but if he didn't improve we should really let him go. We took him home with meds but he started having more vomiting so we went with him for his last vet visit and buried him in our backyard where he spent so much time chasing squirrels and visiting with neighbors.

I'm not suggesting that you should let Lucky go if you're not ready '- just wanted to share Spike's story and our regrets that he wouldn't have had to endure the terrible vomiting and diarrhea if we had thought more about him and less about our feelings.

Sending hugs and prayers to you in this painfully difficult situation.

Kathy (Spike's mom)
Spike' s Mom
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I'm so sorry you're facing this difficult decision. I have only ha to make that decision once, but my regret is that I wasn't able to make it sooner than I did. I would have done anything to have prevented my soul cat's suffering, and, looking back, I now know that I permitted that suffering to go on longer than I should have. I'm wishing you peace as you struggle with the timing of this. When I first came to this site in 2004, Someone said, "I would rather let her go a week too soon than a moment too late." Very wise words. <3

I hope this guide will help you and your husband in the coming days.


This is probably the most difficult question we are asked. The answer varies depending on the pet and the disease. You know your pet best and will be able to see specific changes that indicate the time is right such as:

  • No longer interested in food or water;

  • Incontinence (accidents in the house) or unable to go to the bathroom without falling down;

  • No longer greeting you when you come home;

  • No longer patrolling the yard or protecting their territory the way they used to;

  • Lack of grooming (cats and some dogs);

  • No longer wags his/her tail or holds it down constantly;

  • Isolates themselves from the people or other pets in the home, particularly in places they usually do not go;

  • Decreased interest in playing;

  • Unable to stand or walk on their own;

  • Change in attitude (depression, agression, confusion);

  • Not wanting to do the things they love;

  • Fewer "good" days than bad.

    From the FAQ page at Lap of Love

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