We see You everywhere lil MAN. I just wished GOD would have allowed us more than 5 mo (kitten). Scootie POOTIE can you SEE. OR HEAR US call your name?. We want to HEAR your little hemi motor again.. Our tears are Endless how you Stole our HEARTS. We Love YOU..
Mom n Dad are sending kisses to the skies.
How you made us so Happy.. THANK YOU 💘💞🌹xoxoxo
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So sorry for your loss. Know your kitty is in heaven watching over you and loves you to. The people on here are very understanding and caring. I lost my cat on december 21 and the people here have been here for me and will be here for you to.
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So sorry for the loss of your baby kitten x its a very horrible feeling x must be so hard him been so young too , I wish I knew words to bring you comfort all I can say is talk to your lil guy Hel be there with you listening. I lost my son gizmo 7 month ago and although the pain in the hart has lifted slightly the missing him is still awful x plz know you aren't alone wee are all here to help and console one another in these hard times . Thinking of you sending hugs Annemarie candy & gizmo xxx
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Thinking of you, Deelynn. I'm soooo sorry for how harsh and painful your grief is. I wish you could have had him for his full life span. Take care of you...
-Missing Marissa deeply
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