We don't have Thanksgiving in the UK where I am (though I think we should have!). But I have lots of friends in the US, and I know what a special family-centred holiday is approaching.

And how terribly hard it will be without our dear loved ones. And maybe even having to be a good host, or a good parent, or son or daughter, while hearts are secretly breaking for loved ones they perhaps can hardly even mention any more?
And nobody understands?

So I have this idea. At sometime on Thanksgiving Day find a special , secret or private space somewhere....no family allowed (except perhaps those who truly understand and would like to join.)
Light a candle or two, and give thanks. Focus on the little loved one who has now passed through to a lovely life in Spirit. Send out Love and gratitude, even if there are tears.
Send out a prayer if you wish.

Thank them for coming to you, for spending their lives with you, for trusting and companioning you through good times and bad. Thank their lovely little Souls.
Thanks to God too for the wonderful blessing of having known such pure and loving friends and little ones.

For those who don't believe in God etc.....then that doesn't matter, as our dear ones still pass to another dimension out of their bodies and are still safe. They didn't have religion, but they are still in the next world and still love us !

Some people may even like to write some words of thanks....maybe to go on their graves, or to put beside their ashes.

May you have a peaceful and love-filled Thanksgiving.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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  That was a beautifully composed post. Thank You for sharing. Yes, this Thanksgiving will be unlike any other that I have ever known. Shelby will not be with me in the physical sense for the 1st time in many years but her spirit looms large in our house. I will be lighting a candle - as you suggested - in her honor in the evening. I do give Thanks that she was such a big part of my life. You (Mistysmama) are one of the reasons that I come to this Forum. Your insight and perspective are so comforting to all. Although you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense in the UK, you have given so much to everyone here - and we Thank You for it.

On a lighter note: There is another Border Collie named Jet on the Glen Highland Farm website. You can see this incredible specimen at:


Sending You Tranquil Thoughts and Prayers,

Jim Miller
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That really moved me! It is so sweet and such a lovely idea. Beautiful!


Daisy's mummy

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