Thank you to everyone sharing their stories on this site,  It has been very helpful to me.
I had a very vivid dream last night that I was with Pootie Paws again,  but we were talking,  and she was playing,  and I was able to tell her I missed her.
I think she reappeared healthy to let me know how to remember her.
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I love that you are having those dreams. Yes she wants you to know she is happy and healthy and that’s how she wants you to remember her. I hope I have a dream with my Chloe. Lost her almost a month ago and it’s unbearable. I’m sitting on the couch holding her little bed. I hope you continue to see your baby in your dreams..enjoy this time. Take care of yourself. 
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I'm so glad that you had that precious dream! I hope to have a dream of my girl, too. I miss her so very much.
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