Dear Lord,
Thank you for sending us this ray of your love and letting us keep it for so long.
Thank you for all the happy times with our cat when she would bring us so much joy. She was a pleasure to look at and full of grace till the last moment of her life. For 18 straight years, there was always someone who waited for us at home and was happy to see us back, which we often took for granted. She accepted our love with gratitude and answered back. Having her in our lap purring brought peace and took off all stress.I will remember holding her in my arms before going to the clinic when she clung to me and purred though she was probably in pain, with that huge wound on her thigh.  I would have loved to hold her forever and never let her go but she was your mortal child like all of us.
Thank you for the pain that I felt when she left us because it helped me understand how much love I had within me and how deep my sorrow  can be, and because this love and this pain connected me to you. You are the source of love, you are the eternity, and now I feel I belong to it, as do all the cats, and all the dogs, and all the people, and other living beings that you created, and I hope that in due time you will take me back and I will join those I have loved and lost.
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What a beautiful prayer.  Thank you for sharing.

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