Thank you to anyone who has replied to any of my posts. I'm sorry if I don't reply back it's just hard for me to focus right now. It's even hard for me to write the posts I put on here . So many I want to reach out to that have gone through worse then me but the words just won't come for me. I pray for all of you to find comfort and strength through these difficult times.
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Gmr - I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Peanut, and how difficult it's been for you as you adjust to such an incalculable absence. 

We all understand how exacting it is to function as we did before, and how our everyday activities seem like absolute chores.

Your path will be unique to you as you work your way through your sorrow. Please be compassionate with yourself, rest as much as you need to (grieving is physically and emotionally exhausting), and know that we support you.

Warmest sympathies, and sending you peaceful thoughts...
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