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A persons negligence was the cause of my dogs death, not my own negligence. He was in his own fenced backyard. I protected my little guy daily.
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It is the dog(s) owners fault ultimately for allowing their dog(s) to run loose. My comment isn't about what could have been, it was in relation to what may be avoided now and in the future.

You didn't say the cat was a community cat, but called Fify "my cat." I could only go by what you wrote.

I commented because "God" was mentioned as having been involved. My own cat brought me back to faith in God which is detailed in my own story. God gets blamed for things having to do with us all the time, that God has nothing to do with IMO.

This message board is also for comments and discussions. And if "1" single cat's life can be saved by us sharing information amongst each other? it gives even more meaning to what a pet may have endured at the end and died from. This thread may save a life. Which gives some meaning to your and my loss. Many visit here for information. To learn from others losses.

Cats can learn to adjust to being indoors. And they can be escorted and even walked on a leash. They make collars and leashes for cats. Think about it. Dogs are not allowed to be out on their own, why are cats? When they are even more vulnerable than dogs. I know it is too late for you to change the past. But it may not be too late for someone else reading of your and my loss from dog attacks to prevent their own cats loss. 

We both lost a beloved animal to a dog attack. The rescue cat I recently took in (which is napping to my left as I write this) was attacked by a local pitt bull that escaped from it's back yard. I had to have KID's hind quarter area stapled shut in a surgical procedure. This pitt bull attacked another young cat just the other day in my neighbors front yard and the cat barely survived. I had warned them repeatedly not to let the cat out, simply because they did not want to change it's litter each day. This happens all the time. People post about dogs attacking cats and killing them here on the forum repeatedly. It does not need to happen if it can be avoided. People need to know that this type of thing happens all the time. And that is CAN be avoided.

They sell backyard enclosure kits for cats. They can also be made with some wood and chicken wire. The cats learn to adjust. 

So it is worth my mentioning IMO. We can all learn from one anothers circumstances and losses. But this is your thread, so I will not leave another comment. If you read my prior posts and comments I am known for being a very supportive and kind person here on the forum. And I love and adore cats. My goal is to help further losses of cats.

I am very sorry for what your friend went through and wish Fifi peace & blessings.
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