This is the 3rd day since I had to say good-bye to my baby of 15+ years, Chipper. I'm having such a difficult time with this. Because I'm a stay-at-home mom, I've been home with him for the last 7+ years and the daily routines are killing me.

When I get up...I cry because he would get up with me. When I let the other dogs out, I cry. When I feed the other dogs....I bawl. You get the idea. I'm having such a hard time getting through each day without him.

Someone please tell me it gets easier because I'm hurting so bad.
Chipper's Mom

Momma's Chipper Boy (9/19/95 - 1/30/11) My heart, my love, my buddy! I miss you and love you so, so much! I can't wait to see you at the bridge! Love, Mommy

Lady "Ladybugs" (8/2/03 - 6/5/17) My sweet girl. Thanks for the walks, playtime, sock collection, boo boo kisses and love you gave all of us. We will miss you dearly! Until we meet again...we love you!
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It has been almost 5 days since our Golden crossed over. I have to believe his goodness will be rewarded in some way. Some do not see the goodness in dogs; I do. Am I the only one who thinks dogs must have a soul?

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It does get gets tolerable, I feel. The hurt and pain was so bad I thought it would kill me. It will be 1 year for me in 10 days...Poncho died on February 12, 2010. I think of him, and talk to him every single dayHe's forever with me right here in his urn and in my heart.

I, too, believe our pets have souls. Their spirits live on, and one day we will all be together again.

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It does get time. After 2 months...for me it has gotten tolerable. I've come to terms, but still talk to her everyday.....I tell her good morning and goodnight, and on the way to work, I ask her to show me a sign.....I need to know that she is happy. My husband saw a giant shooting star 2 days after she passed, and we cried. That was his sign. Try and hang in there, we are all here to help you cope.
I love you Sydney
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Dear chipperboy, I lost my Dudley dog of 14 and 1/2 years and I hope as you do that it gets easier.  It is almost 2 weeks since he left me and I don't cry constantly like I did that first week.  The emptiness is almost unbearable but I do believe our dogs have souls and that they are always with us! Take care of yourself my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Hi Chipperboy. It is clear that Chipper was a huge part of your life and the little routines you shared with him meant so much to you. It is certainly not easy to pick up the pieces as if nothing ever happened. Maybe you would find it helpful to have some sort of memorial for Chipper, it wouldn't have to be a ceremony or anything fancy, but maybe just writing down some of your feelings about Chipper like in a journal entry or lighting a candle and saying a prayer. I am thinking of you and sending prayers your way.

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever." ~ The Crow

"We don't "get over" our losses and just move on, we learn to live differently."
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I am glad to see others who believe dogs have souls or I could not go on. Each time I see an item that was Handsome's or being afraid that I will "step on him" during the night sets off my sadness alarm. The unconditional love my Golden provided left so much positive energy in the atmosphere that I can't believe it isn't still here with me in some way. I stay healthy because of his goodness, I don't want to waste one minute of the love he left with me. I look forward to being reunited with my pets, they were better than most people with their loyalty. Please find some positive energy to sustain you through the grief. "Handsome" passed on 1/28/11 - a kind and gentle soul.

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"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure." - Unknown Author

Your loss of dear Chipper is only 3 days past. I don't remember much about the days, but I do remember the terrible pain. I once compared it to surgery with no anesthetic. You probably can't feel much else but the pain and you just want it to stop. Since it won't you want reassurance that it will get better. You said others say it will, but your heart hasn't grabbed hold of it yet. The heart can be pretty stubborn.

In answer to your question, yes it does get better. I can tell you it does, but I cannot tell you when.
But I do wish to encourage you, to assure you, that all is not lost. However much you hurt you are not alone. You have everyone here to share your sadness with. You can do what you fear you cannot. In other words you can heal.

But chipperboy it is not going to happen overnight. Grief consists of many steps that must be taken one at a time. The number one thing a grieving person needs is to experience the grieving process. You must experience the hurt before the hope, the pain before the acceptance.  Believe me there are many starts, stops and u-turns along the way. However if you meet it head on, one step at a time and keep in touch with others like yourself, there are brighter days.

My precious dog Tuffy left me 6 months ago. He was only 5 yrs old. I had never given much thought to his passing. I thought we had years left. I had no idea how difficult this journey would be. Love, patience & wisdom from everyone here pulled me thru.

While my words may not give you comfort at the moment, I hope at least they give you hope.

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal" - An Irish quote

May loving memories of your beloved Chipper warm you heart always.


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Tuffy, My Puppy Love
June 20, 2005-July 26, 2010

Becky Leigh, Queen of my Heart
December 2010-November 10, 2015
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