I want to get a tattoo that has paw prints and my Shelby's name on it, and also the other dogs that I have loved that crossed the Rainbow Bridge before her. I have 3 other tattoos now, one on my calf one on my shoulder and one on my butt. Those tattoos aren't fur baby related. I am trying to decide where to get this tattoo on my body. I am a middle-aged woman and trying to think of the best place where this would look the nicest. Has anyone else here done this? I told a few of my friends and relatives and they thought I was going a little overboard.
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Hi Shelbysmom,
I think If it makes you feel good you should go for it! We all deal with grief differently and people don't always understand but you need to do what will help you get through this "oh so difficult" time!
So sorry for your loss!! Hugs,
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I think this is a great idea and I myself will be getting a tattoo of my dogs name! I will never forget my little guy but to have his name on my forever will make me feel that little bit closer to him now he has gone. I am going to get mine on my wrist I think. It won't be big but I can look at it anytime I want too.
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I’m having all the 13 names of the dogs I’ve had tattooed on my upper thigh & will add others in the future.  I always wanted a tattoo and decided that would be the best way to remember my dogs. I’ll post a photo once It’s completed.

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If ever there was something one would never regret having as a tattoo, it's the name of animal friends who have passed. It's a great idea and would be a beautiful tribute. 
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