Today I lost my beautiful Tanner. I am reeling and just can't believe he is gone. My beautiful orange cat.. My Tanner B. He was so brave and courageous in his fight against kidney disease..
His strength gave me courage to give fluids at home and do whatever I needed to do to help my boy battle this horrible disease. He was doing great for so long.. His last labs even came back better than the ones before that and he was still the same old Tanner.. Until the last few days. My God how quickly things change.. My Tanner B..
Tanner started life on the streets and one day a few kids were being so abusive, passers by heard Tanner screaming and ran over, grabbed him, and rushed him to my vet. God bless their souls, I have no idea who they were.. The vets needed to rebuild Tanner's back leg, leaving him with a pin holding it together. Once healed, the search was on to find him a loving home.
My friend who works at my vet had a part time job at a pet supply store and I was in the store and she seemed flustered. I asked what was wrong and she told me the rescue group picked up the cats for Adoption Days and forgot one. She told me about him and I asked to see him.. It was meant to be. About a week later, I adopted my handsome Tee.
In spite of his horrible experience, he was the sweetest most loving cat.. He would protect me when someone new came to the house (or even my ex) he would growl and hiss and never leave my side until they left. He was a talker, too, and we had many long conversations on a daily basis. He was super smart and learned things on a dime. In his younger days I could throw a toy in the air and he would jump with hang-time about a foot off the floor, catching the toy.. He also had a knack for digging thru the toy baskets to find the one he was looking for...
When he was diagnosed with kidney disease, we started with going to the vet once a week for fluids, then twice a week.. I had a bag at home for emergency but I was so scared. On the Sunday night before Labor Day, Tanner was acting very blah.. It was 11pm and he was just looking at me.. It was the first time I gave fluids and I tried three times before I got it and he just looked at me and waited.. No crying, no flinching.. I was crying and apologized over and over but he just bumped his head against me as if to say, "you're doing great, mom" .. When it was over, I gave him treats and he seemed so grateful. The next day he was back to his old self and we began fluids at home, twice a week. Tanner was so brave...
As his numbers began to drop, we needed to do fluids daily and I know he didnt live it but he was so good and so strong.. He'd get his treats after and we'd go watch tv (he loved snuggling under the blankets).
I have water bowls all over my house but his favorite is in the living room.. Id say, "Tanner want fresh water??" And he would trot into the living room and give me his sweet "meow!" as if to say, "thanks, mom!" He was such a grateful loving boy... My orange cat...
In the morning he would come into the bathroom and I would say, "you wana look outside?" He would meow and id pick him up and look out the window... He loved watching the cars or people walking by.. animals in the yard. We would also look out at night and his eyes would be wide with awe, like we were in a secret window watching the world and no one could see him. My Tanner, I am smiling thinking of your face as you studied everything.. I miss you so much already.. I missed you the minute you left. I love you so much, my Tee.
Over the last month, Tanner had four episodes of falling over if he would gag or throw up. The vet wasnt sure the cause but we kept track..
This morning was the worst one. I was so scared I had lost him..
My vet thinks he was starting to have seizures.. He may have passed out briefly this morning.
He also hed been losing weight but I had no idea how much and how quickly.. He was down 10oz since February 5th.. and a pound since the end of January. His temperature was low today and he felt cool... He had started spending alot of time under the bed and the vet said that was a sign..
I held him in his final minutes and he was surrounded by me, my mom, and my friends at the vet. Everyone was tearing and I know he knew how much he was loved... IS loved.
My heart is so broken.

My Tanner Banner B... I am so sorry for the things you went thru in your life. Im so sorry I couldn't save you from the kidney disease.. I love you now and always, my orange cat.. My favorite Tanner B.. You were so brave and so strong and you inspired me to do things I never thought I could. You were always there for me and you could always make me laugh. I cant thank you enough for that and for loving me so much..
This house is so empty without you and I keep looking under the blanket hoping to see you looking up at me.. I miss the sound of your voice and your beautiful face.. Those big golden eyes against your orange and white fur. So nany shades of orange you had the most beautiful markings.
Willow and DJ love you and miss you.. You were always together its weird seeing them not with you here.
Im sorry I keep crying, my Tee.. Its because I love you so much and I never expected this today.
My comfort us knowing we will be together again one day and I know you are with Wiley, Sevyn, and Abbeyboo and I nothing will separate us when I see you again. Please come visit me in my dreams.. Im going to miss waking up with you on my pillow.. Or hearing you meowing from the other room if I slept past breakfast time.
I will never stop loving you, my favorite Tee.. My Tanner B..

Love you always and forever.. ❤
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I lost my dog today too. I got her when she was 8 weeks and today she was 12 years old. I am sorry for your loss. I feel your pain and the house is so empty, I keep looking for her everywhere.

Take your time and cry as much as you need ❤️ Losing a pet is devastating...
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Oh no im so sorry.. How awful a day it turned out to be 😿
Tanner was 14 i had him since he was just under a year so I am with you.. We were w them their whole lives.
Thank you for your kind response as you are hurting so much also ((hugs)) I will keep you in prayer

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Hi Stacie,
I’m so sorry about Tanner. He sounds like the most amazing cat; from his difficult start in life to then becoming a precious member of your family where he was given a wonderful home filled with so much love.
I think you’re right: it was meant to be! I love how he talked to you and how you had daily conversations. Such a smart kitty ~ and protective too! After living such a cruel life on the streets, he knew how lucky he was and he wasn’t about to let anyone hurt his beloved mom!
Stacie, you really don’t need to be sorry. So many animals are never fortunate enough to be rescued from the streets much less find such an amazing, loving home. Tee was lucky and he knew it. He was a happy boy ~ all thanks to you!
I hope you are doing okay. I know that terrible pain you are feeling. Hang in there!!

Thinking of you and your beautiful Tanner B and sending many hugs!

Your friend,
MJ ❤️
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My thoughts are with y'all. My baby girl left me two weeks ago. I still find myself calling her for breakfast in the morning. The tears come and go.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, I know the pain you are going through with the loss of Tanner, he sounds like he was a friendly great loving guy.
I've just gone through the same thing, we had to put down Albert, my buddy, my big black cat. He wasn't fat, just a big friendly guy of 22 pounds. He loved people and loved to be around people. He was 16, he developed a mass in his abdomen that was inoperable, older cats frequently wont survive major surgery and the placement of this mass made surgery not possible. We made the painful decision to put him to sleep. The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I was there through it all and held him as he passed and long after. I was heart broken. The first week was brutal, I could barely eat and sleep, just so heart broken and I miss him so much. This was almost 3 weeks ago, its gotten a little better but I still cry every day. I don't think I have every cried this much in my whole life. Albert use to come up in the morning if I wasn't up yet to make sure I was OK and then give me heck in his own meowing way for not being up. He use to come to the front door to see me off for work each day and after work would get off his favorite blanket on the couch and welcome me home again. Coming home now is so painful as as soon as I open the door he's just not there to welcome me home and the sadness starts again. What I would give for just one more cat nap with him in the afternoon sun or one more cuddle in the chair watching TV. I'm trying to think of the happy and good times I had with him. We adopted Albert and a little calico cat from the SPCA a little over 15 years ago. Two weeks after they had to put all the cats down in the facility as they had a bad outbreak of feline distemper. I feel so lucky we rescued them from that and gave Albert a good home and life for 15 years. He touched my life and I touched his. You rescued Tanner from a bad life and gave him a good loving home and life for 13 to 14 years. The decision to put them to sleep to end the suffering is so painful and heart breaking. Trying to remember the happy times and thought of giving them a good loving home will hopefully bring some comfort even though it also brings tears.
The bond and connection we make with our furry loved ones can never be broken and will last forever.
I hope tears and time and good memories can help ease your pain and heart break.
I found this website forum to be great comfort, so many people here understand the pain and sadness of loosing our loving companions.
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I am so sorry to hear about your orange kitty.  I came on here because my dog, Cody, passed 6 weeks ago yesterday.  I wish I would have discovered this place sooner.  My cat, Moneypenny, was an orange cat too. We saved her from the animal shelter at the 11th hour before she was to be euthanized.  She was an awesome kitty feisty and full of life.  She used to actually do somersaults; we called them floppies.  She would be sitting somewhere and then all of a sudden would just decide to flop over head first.  I had never seen anything like it before or since.  She was a super friendly cat would come up to anyone to get some petting and attention. She loved sitting on my desk when I was on the computer and would sleep with me at night.  When she turned 12 she got hyperthyroidism which we successfully treated for 6 years with medication but in her 18th year her body started failing her and we decided it was best to let her go.  It was such a hard thing to do.  My husband, daughter and I all went together.  I pretty much lost it so it was a good thing they were there.  I don't think I properly grieved for her because I had Cody to hang on to.  Now that he's gone it's like I'm grieving for both of them because I never got it all out when Moneypenny actually passed.  Here is a picture of both Moneypenny and Cody.  They didn't have many taken together because they weren't really fans of each other but I did get a few.  They are both gone now and the house is so quiet and lonely.  I miss them both so much.
Take care,
Julie temporary buds.jpg 
Julie 💔
"Grief only exists where love lived first."
--Franchesca Cox
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