Sadie I miss you sweet girl another month has gone by, I cant believe you have been gone almost 3 years, it will be 3 years this December 13, it seems like you just left me still sweet girl oh how I long for you and to hold you in my arms again, I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND YOU LIVE IN MY HEART NOW!!!!!
Here is a poem I dedicate to my Sweet Sadie Girl
Sadie forever my little angel, our walk in life together was way too brief,
but the time we had was SADIE SWEET,
My Companion, My Joy, My Angel on high,
you are gone from my life,
I breathe with a sigh,the house is so quiet,
your toys not around, its missing the fun,
and the joy that we found,
the cuddling we shared, the love we knew,
with my little angel there was only you,
Now I go on each day with a deep sadness in my heart,
for the walk was too brief, and the years were too short,
the joyful memories you left,
I will cherish forever, Because of our special Bond,
During the time we shared!!!!!
I hope you enjoy this poem, sadiesmommy
my sweet sadie girl she was a pomeranian and she was the sweetest little girl ever, she loved every one and she loved life in general she was my child because my husband and I could never have kids of our own, so she was definately our daughter, she was thebest furkid ever in my life we were soul mates from the beginning , we adopted her when she was only 8 weeks old, she was so cute and then she turned out to be the most beautiful pomeranian ever I have ever seen in my life. she was with us for 8 wonderful years but I didnt think that was long enough she was so young when we had to put her to sleep, she had diabetes foe a few years and then her kidneys just started shutting down it was so sad it killed us when we had to say goodbye to sadie!!!!!!!
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