My heart is broken again. Less than a year ago I had to say goodbye to my darling wedgie, Lucy. She was 16 and for the 14yrs that we had been together she brightened my days. My sister got asti from a rescue who had saved her from a puppy farm, she had 2.5 weeks in s foster home when my sister and her boyfriend fell for her. She was just over 7mths old, an adorable bundle of white loveliness and fun. Although she hadn't experienced life outside she threw herself into everything, and everyone who met her loved her. She was illon the Thursday morning and died on the Friday morning, her tiny body unable to fight the virus that had been in her system from the puppy farm. Our hearts were broken that day and she had tried so hard to stay with us. We only had her 3 weeks but she had stolen our hearts and now nearly 2 weeks on we are unable to believe that she is gone. Darling sweet asti, may you run free over rainbow bridge, free from pain and sending rays of light down to us xx
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What a shame. So young, poor thing. At least she had some time with people who cared about her.
Sorry you have lost her just as you were getting to know her.
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I so despise puppy mills.  

I'm sorry for your loss. 
October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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So sorry you lost her so soon!
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I am so sorry for your loss of Asti, puppy farms are disgusting - just money making with absolutely no thought to the welfare of the dogs.  Just try to hold onto the thought that you gave Asti a whole lifetime of love in those 3, all too short weeks you shared with her.   I am sure Lucy will have been there waiting to guide Asti over the Bridge, and they are both sending lots of love down to you.  Take care.
                                                                        Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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That is so sad! In time you will remember that you gave her the best 3 weeks of her life and that is something that I know she was happy for! So sorry it couldn't have been longer though.
My condolences!
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Thank you for giving that dear little girl 3 wonderful weeks that she might otherwise never have known!
As Jackie said, puppy mills are such horrible places for the poor dogs unlucky enough to be there! I look forward to the day when they no longer exist.
I'm so glad little Asti at least had a chance to know what it was like to be loved and to really enjoy her life - even for a short time. I wish she could have been with you longer!
My heartfelt sympathy!
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