A tumor has just been identified in our 9 yr old scottish/cairn terrior. It's on the back of his tongue and is a pretty good size. The recommended procedure is to remove it and biopsy it at the same time. There is a slim chance it's non-cancerous but we are preparing based on the percentages. He is otherwise healthy and not showing any swelling in the lymph nodes.

We don't know how aggressive it is because we don't know how long it's been there. We just noticed him over the past couple of weeks coughing due to the tumor getting in the way.

The question we have for anyone on this forum who may have experience or knowlege in this area, is whether we should consider alternative treatment for the tumor instead of removing it. The thought being that if it is cancerous, the removal can sometimes trigger a more agressive return of the tumor. Whereas if we treat it w/ alternative treatments, perhaps the tumor could reduce in size w/out surgery. 

We've heard of remedies like tumeric and baking soda/maple syrup that have been known to be effective in reducing tumors. 

Appreciate any comments from anyone.

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My dog Shad had a tumor from her tongue removed surgically and there were no complications. I hope all is OK with you and your baby.
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I don't know of this will be of any help to you, but my dog has an tumor in her cheek. I noticed it back in October 2014 and took her to the vets and had it removed because it was interfering with her being able to comfortably close her mouth. My vet told me she wouldn't live a year; I didn't have any test run on the mass because she was 12 and has a lot of other serious health problems, and I figured what was the point. In July the mass was back and bigger than before. I took her back to the vets and she said that she didn't know if she could remove it again, and if she could there was a chance it would come back again only quicker this time. I decided not to have it removed again and am now just working on making sure she has a good quality of life.

If I could go back to the first vet visit I probably wouldn't have had the mass removed right then. I can tell that my baby's time is coming to an end and I am thankful for every day she is happy. My advice to you would be to do what you feel is right in your heart. If the idea of removing it bothers you, then don't do it. Try the alternative treatments first and then use the surgery as a last effort. At least that way you know you tried everything possible. I didn't, hoping that surgery would help. I honestly think it made it worse and I have to live with my decision.

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