Can I just say how grateful I am to everyone on this wonderful site. Eight weeks ago today, we lost our beautiful 17 year old boy Jim. So many friends and family expressed their condolences which we appreciated so much, but only by being on here have I truly learnt what the loss of our beautiful animals mean to us all. As they say, life has to go on, but it is so very hard. Our animals have a way to get inside our hearts and minds, life was so much better when we had them with us. If only I could find a way to ensure they would be with us forever, I would give everything I own to make this happen. 
 To everyone on this forum, I wish you comfort and healing, and thank you for giving our animals an amazing life. Hugs, Jackie. xx
J Taylor
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I wish you the same Jackie.  Your posts have helped many people.  I, too, posted a similar thank you.  This is a wonderful place full of the most amazing people ever.  Not sure I would have made it without YOU and others like you.
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Completely agree Jackie & Janice. This forum has helped so much. To be able to come back to read & share has definitely helped to heal. Knowing that so many people feel the same...'life will never be the same' especially after losing our soulmate animal(s) but there is comfort & understanding here. Thank you all! And hugs too~ Kasey
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