Monday we sent our beautiful golden haired daughter to Rainbow Bridge. It was inoperable bone cancer that rendered her unable to walk toward the end. She turned 12 on Valentines Day and needless to say my wife's and my heart was broken. The days leading up to her trip were agonizing and left me almost unable to cope. When she was gone we took a long drive to get out of the house for a few hours. Initially I felt a little more at ease with what we had done but this morning I'm struggling. My wife has gone back to work and I'm alone at home for the first time in 12 years. I retired a couple of years ago and Sunshine was my constant companion. The grief I feel is almost overwhelming right now. She was our first Golden after 20 years of German Shepards and she completely stole our hearts and soles. We have had to euthanize several dogs over the years but this was the most difficult of all for me. I just feel lost this morning and extremely sad. I know time will eventually make things better but right now I am very lonely.

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You sound exactly like me. We had to let our Old English Sheepdog Sadie, 8 1/2, go 16 Jan 08. That was terribly hard. Then we had to let her sister Sophie our blue eyed beauty go 17 Nov 09, 3 months ago today. Sophie's passing is much, much harder for me to cope with. My wife seems to be doing better, but I'm having a real tough time. This is what our vet read to us and Sophie before:




As we lay our hands upon you,

Before your final rest,

Our hearts surround to love you,

And thank you for your best.

Our home you watched and treasured,

Our lives you truly blessed.


Lessening now your burdens,

We tend your tired bones.

Let us be your pillow,

Then wings to take you home.

Listen for God’s calling,

Sweet promises of peace.

Old friend, leap to Heaven,

Suffering released!


Hang in there............We all know what your are going thru and all of this Forum's thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



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We lost our 10 yr old Yorkie, Albert, Saturday night. I, too felt better day 2 and then lost it day 3. Know that other dog mommies and daddies around the world are sending you comforting prayers. If you read about the stages of grief, you'll find that second guessing your decision to bring final comfort to Sunshine is a normal feeling. Keep coming back to this site and let us help you heal.

Albert's Mommy, Gail
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   I understand you're loneliness after your release of Sunshine. It's so difficult to see them ill and so difficult for them to be gone from our sight.
    Goldens are wonderful. I am so sorry for the cancer that caused such problems for Sunshine. We make the best decisions we can for them even though it causes us much grief & loneliness. 

   Please know you are not alone. There are many great people here. Please tell us more about Sunshine.
  Please also know that Sunshine is always with you in your heart & memories. One day those memories will make you smile.

   My thoughts are with you. I pray for strength, comfort, healing and peace for you.


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I lost my Jake two weeks ago today and it still feels like it was yesterday...
Jake was 17, I had him for 15 years and adopted him from a miniature schnauzer rescue group.  One night, a week before I put him to sleep, he woke up coughing and had a couple of seizures.  After a couple of days in the hospital he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure but it wasn't anything they thought he wouldn't recover from in the short term...
I took him home and for four days tried to give him the meds he was sent home with but they made him so sick...he wouldn't eat anything and would barely drink water.  Each day he grew weaker and I began to feel guilty about why I was keeping him alive..was it for him or for me?  As painful as it was I knew I had to let him go and made an appointment with the vet.  I got to spend the last days with him at home which I will always be thankful for.
My house is so lonely without Jake and I know he can never be replaced but I have decided to adopt another miniature schnauzer from rescue soon.  I know Jake would want me to give another dog a forever home.....
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