Sunny was a sun conure, a beautiful parrot native to mexico and central america. I will try and attch his photo but last time it said it had too many megabytes(?) and wouldn't accept it---whatever, Im old and dont understand computers.
Sunny was one of about 16 parrots of different varieties I had. I had to add an aviary onto the house because they had taken over the place! Im down to just 5 now - Im 65 and am afraid the birds will all outlive me so now I have 5 geriatric parrots.
I adored all my "babies" but Sunny was special from the beginning. A momma's boy, all he wanted was to love and be loved. He would preen my hair and eyelashes so gently and coo to me. He called my husband "Not-the-Mommy." What can I say. The night before I had to have him euthanized, following a stroke, I cradled him under my chin in bed and prayed I wouldnt roll over on him if I fell asleep. I woke up to find him still nestled under my chin  and weaker than ever, although he opened his eyes and made his little sounds. That morning, as I drove to the vet to have him put to sleep, I almost turned around. When I went back with them to put him down, I held him and cried as they have him gas and injected him. But his suffering is over. I had tried to feed him with an eyedropper but the stroke was too much for his tired old body. 
Last year I took in 4 feral cats that showed up at the house. Ive had dogs before but never cats so this is a new experience. Had them fixed, vaccinated and now I have Miss Kitty, Sylvester, Big O and Tigger along with the parrots Chaka(Timneh African Grey who talks entirely too much), Buddy (Congo African Grey who is a sweetheart - both Greys are rescue birds who needed homes), and Harpo, Grouch and Peeps, rare grey cheeked parrots that are almost impossible to find anymore. Grey cheeks invented PMS which is why their companions adore them. They're small but think they're big birds.
Im not real religious, but if there is a heaven, all my beloved companions are there and hopefully, someday I'll cross the rainbow bridge to them.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your Sunny.  I'm betting he is beautiful and can't wait to see a picture of him.  Most people here have either dogs or cats, but every animal counts here.  I've never had anything but parakeets, and I got my Joey to talk!!  As far as personality goes, birds can be "all personality", you would know that more then anyone I'm sure.  Please stick around , someone always seems to be here (to talk to).  And I would love to hear all about Sunny and you history with birds.  No rush though, like I said we're always here ready to listen............danzey
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in honor of Sunny

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Thank you so much for the kind words about my sunny. He would have loved you for it and probably rubbed his beak softly against your cheek.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your Sunny, I love parrots, never owned one, but I still love them, held a few and they are such smart birds, I love the colors they can come in and I am sure your Sunny was a beauty. I love that he called your husband "not the mommy" such a personality, I can see how you loved him and his great sense of humor.
You have such a huge heart for taking on all those cats and the other parrots you have, such a wonderful thing to do.

I hope in time, your fond memories of Sunny will help mend your broken heart, I know he is flying through the clouds and enjoying his view from above.

Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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I'm very sorry to hear you have lost Sunny. He sounds like a real character and the space he has left must be vast. My Dad kept birds, in fact he was a champion breeder of several varities and was sought after to increase endangered ones. I witnessed him cry several times after the passing of one of his favourites. He had many pets over the years, Growing up I believed we lived in a zoo or at least thought everyone else was surrounded with as many animals and birds. I learned from him that the bond was equally strong for anything you cared for. A bit like you he reduced just how many birds he had due to age. When his health started to fail I saw rhe sadness of having to reduce numbers and not be able to replace them. So I totally understand how you feel. What you did for Sunny speaks volumes. You fed him and held him, eventually easing his pain. That's love.
Religious or not I think you can be pretty sure there is a heaven for all. If anything deserves it then it is those little things that have brought happiness without question.
I'm sure you have some lovely memories of Sunny and I hope they bring you peace.
Love you forever and ever and I will be there for you xx
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Thank you CB, you words mean a lot to me. I think you captured it completely. 
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